OI will not be written for ‪‎Gorkhas‬ on (NRC) card in Assam

Assam 4th May 2016: In the final National Register of Citizens – (NRC) card that will be issued to all, in case of Gorkhas Original inhabitant or Khilonjiya janagosti (OI) will not be written even if you have submitted documents of 1951. If this happens we will not get any government facilities in future. Several Gorkha officers working in NRC offices have brought this fact to light.

When some officers wrote OI in NRC documents of Gorkhas based on 1951 documents, the respective DCs asked to not write OI for Gorkhas & Muslims. Today an executive meeting of All Assam Gorkha Students Union (AAGSU)  central committee was held to discuss this issue. All Assam Gorkha Students Union AAGSU officials will meet Mr. Prateek Hajela, NRC coordinator and if his reply is not found satisfactory, a PIL will be filled in Guwahati High Court by AAGSU.

OI will not be written for ‪‎Gorkhas‬ on (NRC) card in Assam
NRC in Assam: State coordinator Prateek Hajela

Earlier a meeting was held with the DC of Sonitpur and representatives of ‪AAGSU‬ and Asom Gorkha Sammelan and the DC had agreed to give a written reply on Monday.

What is  National Register of Citizens – NRC?
The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is the register containing details of all Indian citizens. After conducting the Census of 1951, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) was prepared by recording particulars of all the persons enumerated during the 1951 Census.

What is NRC 1951?
After the conduct of the Census of 1951, a National Register of Citizens (NRC) was prepared in respect of each village showing the houses or holdings in a serial order and indicating against each house or holding the number and names of persons staying therein, and in respect of each individual, the father’s name/mother’s name or husband’s name, nationality, sex, age, marital status, educational qualification, means of livelihood or occupation and visible identification mark. This was done by copying out in registers the particulars recorded during the Census done in 1951. This NRC was prepared under a directive from the Ministry of Home affairs (MHA).

These registers covered each and every person enumerated during the Census of 1951 and were kept in the offices of Deputy Commissioners and Sub Divisional Officers according to instructions issued by the Government of India in 1951. Later these registers were transferred to the Police in the early 1960s.

What is NRC Updation?

National Register of Citizens (NRC) updation basically means the process of enlisting the names of all citizens residing in Assam at the time of NRC updation.

How will the NRC be updated?
The NRC will be updated as per the provisions of The Citizenship Act, 1955 and The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003. As per the two statutes, the citizenship status would be ascertained based on the NRC, 1951, Electoral Rolls up to the midnight of 24th March, 1971 and in their absence the other admissible documents of Pre-1971 period.

With inputs from  Assameli Gorkha

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