Bikal Rai joins Advance Technical Training Centre [ATTC]

Bikal Rai, we all know him… dont we? the youngest self made engineer of Sikkim. This 19-year-old boy is a class X passed out living with his mother and brother at Mangthang, 32 mile, east Sikkim.

According to the sources Bikal Rai have joined Advance Technical Training Centre [ATTC] at Bardang in East Sikkim, a dream comes true for further studies after four years for him. He had left his school after class X owing to his financial background. Bikal Rai will be joining the classes in ATTC from July this year (2016).

It was for his mother the young engineer couldn’t leave Sikkim for further studies because there was no one to look after his mother as his father died some years ago. He decided to study in Sikkim so that he can also look after his mother.

Bikal Rai
Bikal Rai

He has already made hydro power generator which produce 2.3 volt energy that can lighten 3 bulbs and can charge up to 4 mobile phones at once. He has made fan (DC -3 voltage) which can give air like normal fans which we buy from hardware shops. He has made 2 excavator models by using syringe, drip pipe, plastic, tyre which has light, power steering and FM (93.5) radio in it. He has developed a vehicle battery charger. Local people go to him to charge their batteries. He has also made sensor car which moves on the sound of claps. He has recently launched his Semi Eco Friendly Car!!!.

With inputs from Sikkim Messenger

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