‪‎Kejriwal‬ Wants Referrendum – Can We Have One for ‪‎Gorkhaland‬?

After Brexit, Arvind Kejriwal has pitched for what may be termed a “Dexit” – Delhi’s liberation from central control. “After UK referendum, Delhi will soon have a referendum on full statehood,” the Delhi chief minister tweeted today.

The Constitution, however, lacks any provision for settling issues through referendums. Kejriwal’s call generated an animated debate, with some asking him whether he would step down like British Prime Minister David Cameron if his side too was defeated in a referendum.

Last year, too, Kejriwal had called for a referendum on full statehood and asked the urban development department to draft a law and create the machinery for such a vote.

Asked how this could be done without a constitutional mandate, Kejriwal’s media adviser, Nagendar Sharma, said it would only be a way of gauging the popular opinion.

“Statehood can only happen by a constitutional amendment and that is not in the Delhi government’s hands. This is just a way of testing the pulse,” Sharma said.

‪‎Gorkha Foundation – India met Hon’ble CM of Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

Yogendra Yadav, a former fellow traveller who has parted ways with the Aam Aadmi Party, supported the idea of referendums.

“Just because the Constitution does not provide for it does not mean it is barred. Statehood is precisely the kind of issue on which decisions should be taken through a referendum,” he said.
Here is ‪‎Darjeeling‬’s chance to do this mental exercise… Do you want ‪‎Gorkha exit‬ from Bengal?

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