Pathetic condition of schools under GTA shame on concerned authorities

WAKE UP NETAS – Especially Sabhasad In-charge of Education

Writes: Kiran Subba

Seeing these pictures, what can we say?
No shame to Managing Committee, no shame to Headmaster, no shame to area Sabhsad, no shame to Education Department Sabhsad Mr Roshan Giri, no shame to GTA Chief and especially no shame to education department District Inspector and ASI.

Inspection of these school have to be done immediately.
The Sabhsad in charge of education only talks about “Central University,” but he has never talked about reformation in education polices, school curriculum, examination timetable and never sat for meetings with DI, ASI, head of various institutions under GTA for the purpose of policy making regarding the upliftment of educational standard of GTA schools.

Pathetic Condition of School under GTA
Water logged‬ due to seepage, the pathetic condition of classrooms at Mirik MURMAH PREM SUNDAR HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL

Instead he sits meeting with Governor, CM, Education Minister, HRD Minister and even with Prime Minister where he talks about the regularisation of “adhoc teachers” and enhancement of grade pay of adhoc teachers. He never makes use of the great opportunities he gets to change our education system fundamentally

Abysmal state of Barnsbeg High School, please note these pics are from different classes

After becoming Sabhsad in-Charge of Education under GTA
(1) How many schools you have visited?
(2) How many meetings you have arranged with headmaster for educational matters not political?
(3) How many times you have given a surprise visit to schools?
(4) How many times you had a meeting with District Inspector, ASI regarding school matters like
– Strength of students in primary school/high school
– Mid-day meals
– SC/ST, religious minority students facilities
– regarding quotas of GTA students in pharmaceutical studies, fisheries, horticulture, engineering, medical etc after class twelve.
– Games and sports
– Water, toilet electric facilities.
– Examination of infrastructural facilities
– Availability of teachers
– Primary teachers appointment etc.
(5) For how many students, you as being education department sabhsad, have given scholarships to toppers from GTA?
(6) Have you ever helped to the teachers of esteemed institution of GTA areas to get text book number (TB NUMBER) so that they can publish school text books?
(7) Have you ever arranged a meeting with teachers union to discuss about educational matters/not political?
(8) Have you ever paid a visit to the Govt High School in Darjeeling after becoming educational Sabhasad and conveyed any meeting with the headmaster and teachers regarding reviving the educational standard of school and accommodating more number of students?

We hope to get some answers from our honourable Sabhsad in-Charge of the education department, GTA

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