Subash Ghising – Was A Visionary, Who Dropped ‪Gorkhaland‬ Demand for National Interest

Writes: Anish Lopchan Tamang

Subash Ghising was not only a leader, he was a Visionary and Farsighted leader…. A true patriotic leader of national repute….

Yes, He had dropped the demand of Gorkhaland only for the sake of national interest and national decurity…. One must understand that above all the interests, “National Interest” must come first….
So, He was first an Indian and then a Gorkha…. As it is the duty and responsibility of every Indian to serve his nation first, setting aside his priorities and self-interests…. He has set an example of true and patriotic leader…. There is nothing above national interest and national security…. and no one should compromise it to meet their political and selfish objectives….

The 1986 agitation was a real agitation of the Gorkhas and made us realise our aspiration of a separate state of Gorkhaland within the Indian Union…. It was a wake-up call call to all the Gorkhas living across the Globe…. And the agitation gave us our lost identity, first class citizenship, and for the first time honoring the Sacrifice made by Subash Ghising for National Interest and National Security, The Govt. of India agreed and decided to insert the word “GORKHA” in the Constitution of India…. This is the achievement of 1986 Agitation…. And today I can proudly say that it was Subash Ghising who led the Gorkhas into the mainstream of National Politics….
I wonder whether Bimal Gurung and GJM knows the meaning and importance of National Security? They only seem to know their self-interest and party- interest….

Subash Ghising
Subash Ghising

And I humbly request to all the employees of GJM Pvt. Ltd. Company not to compare the agitation of 1986 with that of 2007….

The 2007 Agitation was just a political drama….
And Subash Ghising had rightly said, “Gorkhaland is the need of the country”….
It can be achieved only through Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India…. And this is the truth…. The GJM may deny this truth inorder to serve their political interest…. It is their Political Compulsion….
This is an opinion piece and all views presented are that of the writer

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