Students of Sikkim University campaign to support Gorkhaland

Writes Sailendra Yakha Dewan.

Students of Sikkim University has started campaign to support the demand for Gorkhaland. We started with a signature campaign within our campus with an idea  that since  Sikkim University is a central  university, students from all over India comes here to pursue their education and creating awareness among wide array of students is of much importance.
We also want to showcase the general public that we can demand Gorkhaland or any other demand #without_getting_involved_in_any_political_parties_and_without_tagging_ourself_to_same.
We would like to thank friends from all over India, especially from Sikkim (who came in masses to sign) for extending their full fledged support to the cause.

We will start with other programs soon.

Long Live The GORKHAS STRUGGLE!!!!!!
JAI HIND!!!!!!!!


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