Turning Darjeeling to Syria, Not Switzerland

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Unprecedented Brutality – Turning Darjeeling to Syria, Not Switzerland

One of our readers who belongs to the Gorkha Marwari community writes…

“With the Video I saw today in regards to protest of the people and the lathi charge ordered by the SP, it clearly shows what the state government has planned for us.

I was shocked the way the lathi charge was done.

People were protesting in a non – violent manner and when they were asked to go back they were doing so. What was the need of the SP to order the lathi Charge. Its clearly a big misuse of power. Is this why the Chief Minister carried out successive transfers ? Is this the reason why this SP was brought ? To beat the people and suppress our Fundamental Rights.

She recently said that her presence has brought Peace in The Hills.

What Kind of a Peace is this ?

She always said i will turn Darjeeling into Switzerland but i feel she is turning it into Syria.

I request everybody to hold your nerve and request the Administration not to misuse its power.

Such kind of Brutality is very dangerous in our democratic society.

Jai Mahakal Baba
Jai Hind
Jai Gorkha
Jai Gorkhaland”

[Pic via: ANI]

Via TheDC

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