Message from Gorkha Janmukti Morcha President Shree Bimal Gurung

To all my Gorkha Family,who have been working and waiting so patiently for the past 8 to 9 months.
The news of my arrest which went viral yesterday has caused panic and fear,I want to assure them ,I am safe and secure
I carry the Idea of Gorkhaland in my very being.
Rest assured that I am doing everything to achieve Gorkhaland. I cannot even conceive of our future without Gorkhaland .I have taken a vow to realise this dream and until  that is met nothing can stop me.
I am safe in my own place and I want our people to know that we are following the righteous and lawful path towards working for the Gorkha community and Gorkhaland.
A heartfelt request to my Gorkha Family, please do not get agitated and react to these unfounded rumours of my arrest.This is just a ploy to incite us and trap the true Gorkhas.

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