Sillery in Kalimpong entirely depends on Village Tourism

Kalimpong…. Ghumako Chaw (Explored) ?

Sillery, a tiny hamet, nestled at a height of 6000 Ft used to be a home to just four families working in Cinchona plantation. Today, this village has grown big and has  around 32 families and its slowing booming as the major village tourism destination. Its name has been derived from the plant that used to grow abundantly in the region.  The plantation of Cinchona plant was started by the British in this region to derive Quinine to fight Malaria and is still cultivated today.

This village is located 25 Km away from kalimpong town and is famous for its clean eco-friendly homestays surrounded with tall pine trees, which right away takes you to a surreal world where you can slow yourself down and be lost and relax all day long. The mesmerizing view of Kanchenjunga, short trekking trails and rural lifestyle experience are some of its main attractions that brings tourist from far away.

Even though today Sillery is entirely dependent on village-tourisim, its amazing to see how this village have adapted themselves and welcomed the change by making a conscious effort of keeping it clean and simple without disturbing their daily rural lifestyle.

via Cafe Kalimpong

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