Bimal Gurung refutes ABP news

“There are fake news being spread that I am seeking meeting with Mamata Banerjee with the intention to surrender.

These are fake news being spread by newspapers with vested interests, I request our people not to believe in these being spread to create confusion among our supporters and to cause the morale of Gorkhaland supporters to weaken.

I have always believed in democratic forms of agitation under the provisions of our constitution, and I am fighting my battles legally, and I assure my supporters that I will be among all of you very soon and till my last breath, I will continue with the struggle for Gorkhaland statehood with honesty and sincerity.”

Bimal Gurung will go to Press Council of India against this statement

On the other hand Gorkha Janmukti Morcha Media (Bimal Gurung Faction) on the social Media posted the following

“Another Day, Another Story and its Fake and baseless

There is a dedicated attempt at spreading disinformation and misinformation, aimed at making the Gorkhaland loving people confused.

Please DO NOT BELIEVE in rumoros, unless it is posted officially by us.

Bengal government and their agents are desperately trying to create confusion among the masses to undermine the credibility of our President Bimal Gurung, it shows how terrified they all are.

Gorkhaland is the one and only agenda for our President.

Jai Gorkhaland ”

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