Elderly Couple murdered in Kalimpong, bodies dumped in septic tank

The Kalimpong district police on Friday evening recovered the bodies of an elderly couple from the septic tank of their house in Pedong that has led to panic among the residents of the small hamlet.

Sherpa Couple murdered in Pedong Kalimpong
Sherpa Couple murdered in Pedong Kalimpong

The bodies of Phurtemba Sherpa (69) and his wife Kusum (55) were recovered by police after neighbours informed them about their being missing. The two are residents of Dokyong I Sericulture, Sakyong GP of Pedong.

According to police, the couple’s elder son Sangden has called his neighbours from Malda to inquire about his parents, who did not take his calls. “The elder son called up the neighbours to inquire about his parents. The door of the house was locked and a phone and a torch light that belonged to Phurtemba were found outside,” said Atul Vishwanathan, Kalimpong additional superintendent of police in Saturday.

Sangden is employed in the police department and is presently posted in the correctional home in Malda. His younger brother is a teacher in a private school in Bihar. “I got worried and called my brother and also our neighbors in Pedong to inquire because my father and mother were not taking my calls. I has spoken with my mother just a day before and had promised them to call back again on Friday,” Sangden said.

The bodies of Phurtemba and Kusum were discovered from the septic tank in the rear of their house by police. “We found the bodies in decomposed condition. There are deep cut marks on the foreheads of the couple. When we broke open the door, we found the house ransacked. We have started a case and are looking at every possible angle,” the ASP

The police official said it was difficult to say immediately when the murder may have taken place. “They (husband and wife) were last seen on August 16. We recovered the bodies on Friday evening. Now, whether the murder took place on Friday evening or Saturday morning, we are trying to ascertain,” Vishwanathan said.

Sniffer dogs have been called from Siliguri to help in the investigation. “We have got some clues and four to five names. Hopefully, the case will be detected very soon,” the ASP said.

The bodies have been sent for postmortem in the Kalimpong district hospital and report is awaited.

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