Historical First Gorkha Regiment gets new Battalion 6/1GR

9:32 PM
CANDIGARH April 1st: The historical First Gorkha regiment of the Indian army has raised a new battalion on Friday at Subathu Cantonment, which is the birth place of the First Gorkha Rifles in Himachal Pradesh. The move is historical as the Gorkha regiment has raised a new battalion after a gap of almost five decades. […]

Subash Ghisingh stood for the separate Indian Gorkha Troops

12:51 PM
Shri Subash Ghisingh always stood for the separate Indian Gorkha Troops, so as to differentiate the “Indo – Nepal Agreement Troops” and the “Indian Gorkha Troops” and to save the whole settled Indian Gorkhas from unnecessary and permanent stigma and allegation of Foreigners, Mercenaries, Reciprocal people and Nepal subjects. Finally after 30 years on 2nd […]

First battalion of only Indian Gorkhas is born

8:40 AM
Comprises only Indian domiciles instead of Nepalese troops as in other Gorkha units of Army Writes Vijay Mohan Chandigarh, April 2 The Army has turned over a new leaf by raising a new Gorkha battalion comprising entirely of Gorkha troops of Indian domicile. Traditionally, the majority of troops in Gorkha regiments belong to Nepal. This […]

Indian Army will raise a new Gorkha Battalion 6/1GR by April 2016

9:37 AM
SUBATHU: The historic First Gorkha Regiment (GR) of the Indian Army would raise a new battalion in April next year . It’s after a gap of almost five decades that the Gorkha Regiment would be raising new battalion. As of now First Gorkha Regiment has five battalions and the new battalion would be known as […]
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