Bengal govt issues transfer orders to Hill teachers for raising voice for people democratically

9:01 AM
The West Bengal government has issued transfer orders to two government employees for allegedly indulging in “anti-government activities” and “trying to stir up unrest”. This comes after the district administration wrote to the state school education department, accusing the teachers of “trying to stir up unrest” in the Hills, and requested their transfer to Presidency, Midnapore or Burdwan divisions. The Indian Express […]

गोरखा जनमुक्ति मोर्चा प्रेस विज्ञप्ति

9:16 PM
गोरखा राष्ट्रिय मुक्ति मोर्चा (गोरामुमो) अनि जन आन्दोलन पार्टी(जाप)-का अध्यक्षहरू अब तृणमूल कंग्रेसका नेताहरूको अधीनमा परेका छन् जसले गत विधानसभा चुनाउ पनि जित्न सकेका थिएनन्। यो पहाड़वासीको निम्ति ठूलो अपमान हो अनि समतल केन्द्रित राजनैतिक दलहरूले पहाड़का राजनैतिक दलहरूको कहिल्यै सम्मान गर्दैनन् भन्ने उदाहरण पनि हो। तृणमूल कंग्रेसका दार्जीलिङ जिल्ला अध्यक्षले कसरी अध्यक्ष या उपाध्यक्षको […]

Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League to support TMC for assembly election

8:21 AM
Darjeeling 4 Apr 2016 The Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League has become the third party to extend support to the two Trinamool Congress candidates in the hills for the Assembly election. The announcement was made today by ABGL president Bharati Tamang from her residence after a hill TMC delegation met her led by Darjeeling TMC candidate […]

The end of Gorkhas’ monopoly in Bengal legislative assembly from hills

After Gorkhas’ monopoly, BJP may open account in Bengal legislative assembly with three seats Writes Madhuparna Das DARJEELING/KURSEONG: The hills look different this election season — there are lots of Trinamool and BJP flags fluttering around, indicating the mood of its people. And unlike many years of identity politics — often marred by violence — […]

GNLF to support TMC and JAP in Assembly Elections 2016

6:06 PM
GNLF (Gorkha National Liberation Front) has decided to support TMC and JAP (Jan Andolan Party) in this Assembly Elections 2016. It is stated that GNLF will support TMC in Darjeeling and Kurseong and JAP in Kalimpong. The following is what Neeraj Zimba Tamang a senior GNLF leader had to say on the party’s decisions. Dear […]


9:16 AM
Writes: Upendra “बाँस छ र नै मने छ… मने छ र नै बाँस… धन्न बाँस छ र मने बाँसुरी बजाउँदै हिड्छ… नत्र मने कसैको खुट्टा को काङ्ग्लिङ्ग बजाएर हिड्ने जोगी हुन्थ्यो होला” – सुवास घिसिंग in मने This quote from his book “Maney” – which I have tried my best to recollect from my memory […]

Khoji Chinhariko a short film on Subash Ghisingh GNLF supremo

9:56 AM
The Gorkha National Liberation Front, (GNLF), women organisation launched “Khoji Chinhariko” a short documentary film on their party supremo, Mr. Subash Ghisingh. Subash Ghisingh GNLF supremo The video was released on 6 December at Mirik during the 10th Sixth Schedule Accord Day celebration program from the hands of the former GNLF MLA from Kurseong and […]

GNLF Subhas Ghising’s death in Delhi hospital rumors

3:30 PM
Protesting rumors that the ailing Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) chief Subhas Ghising had passed away in a Delhi hospital, party leaders in Kurseong today met police officials and requested them to “stop such frequent rumours that have disturbed GNLF supporters in Darjeeling Hills.” Talking to reporters, GNLF Kurseong branch general secretary Robin Lama and […]

GNLF to hit street with slogan ‘DGHC pharkau, Darjeeling bachau’

8:55 AM
The Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) is expected to hit the streets of the Darjeeling hills next week with the slogan ‘DGHC pharkau, Darjeeling bachau’ (Reinstate the DGHC to save Darjeeling). GNLF to hit street with slogan ‘DGHC pharkau, Darjeeling bachau’ Emerging out of its silence, the GNLF plans to press stage a number of […]

GNLF demands restoration of DGHC until Sixth Schedule

9:47 AM
The Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) has demanded the restoration of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC) until the Sixth Schedule is implemented in the hills. The GNLF, putting forth the demand to the central and state government today, conducted an awareness campaign in Kalimpong by distributing handouts. The party’s women wing, Gorkha National Women’s […]

On 80th birthday GNLF chief Subash Ghishing says he’s ‘not yet finished’

9:47 AM
Darjeeling, June 22: GNLF chief Subash Ghisingh who had confined himself to his residence in Darjeeling since his return to the hills on March 19 told his supporters on his 80th birthday that he was “not yet finished”. On 80th birthday GNLF chief Subash Ghishing says he’s  ‘not yet finished’ The GNLF chief, whose writ ran […]

GNLF demands revival of the DGHC

9:12 AM
Emerging out of its self-imposed silence, the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) is all set to press for its various demands and stage programmes across the hills. Among the party’s principal demands is the revival of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC), a constitutionally approved autonomous body, till the Sixth Schedule status is achieved. Gorkha […]

Midday meal scandal in the hill

Kalimpong: The midday meal scandal that had surfaced during the heydays of the Gorkha National Liberation Front came under the scanner once again after the Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League took up the issue involving Champamaya Primary School. The ABGL and local units of various political outfits raised their voice against the issue. Midday meal scandal […]

GNLF urged NDA govt to table Gorkhaland bill in the parliament

8:35 AM
The Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) has urged the NDA government to table the Gorkhaland bill in the first session of parliament as promised during the BJP’s LS election campaigns. With the formation of Telangana as India’s 29th state, the BJP must give equal impetus to the Gorkhaland issue and help the people of the […]

GNLF to announce its support on foundation day, central committee meeting posponded

The Gorkha National Liberation Front ( GNLF ), which is keeping everyone guessing about its decision on whom it will support in this year’s general election, may make an announcement on April 5, which happens to be the party’s foundation day. GNLF chief Subash Ghisingh Candidates of various parties including the Trinamool Congress, the Congress […]

GNLF – GJM should be ashamed to ask for support

9:08 AM
The Gorkha National Liberation Front has reacted sharply to GJM president Bimal Gurung’s request to support BJP in the coming elections during a rally in Sukna yesterday. GNLF’s Kurseong unit spokesperson Daya Dewan said, “GJM which had termed GNLF to be a non-existent party should be ashamed of itself to ask for our support in […]

GNLF Subash Ghising might support TMC for Lok Sabha 2014 election

After GNLF (Gorkha National Liberation Front) supremo Subash Ghising / Ghishing came to Darjeeling, never to return last week, all eyes on him for which party or candidate he will support in the up coming Lok Sabha election. Some of the political annalists have already speculated that he might support TMC Trinamool Congress, however , Ghishing had told the […]

Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) meeting in Kalimpong

The Kalimpong unit of the Gorkha National Liberation Front today released a press statement announcing to have held its first meeting. Branch committee chief convener Maurice Kalikotay said party representatives from eight constituencies under Kalimpong region were present at the meeting. He further said the committee will organise a public meeting in town for which […]
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