8:20 PM
AM I FROM NEPAL ? मैले तीनपल्ट सोधें गोवामा… “POET SUBASH RAI SOTANG FROM NEPAL”  भनेर मलाई दुइपल्ट भनिएपछि मैले “AM I FROM NEPAL? “ भनेर तीनपल्ट सोधें गोवामा | साहित्य अकादमीद्वारा पणजीको कला अकादमी सम्मेलन कक्षमा सम्पन्न भएको ‘Symposium On Contemporary North-East Indian Literature and Poet Meet’ कार्यक्रममा म पनि Indian Nepali Poet को […]

Why I Am Not Bothering to Buy Stuffs From Racist Flipkart Anymore

8:52 PM
Writes: Jashoda Chettri I am not much of a couch potato. So it was only natural that I missed the Flipkart advertisement on the telly few days back. The advertisement was racist claimed a friend who sounded upset and hurt. The Flipkart advertisement featured a kid depicted as achowkidar, wearing thebhadgaule topi with thekhukuri insignia, […]

The Sishnu Chronicles – An Ode to 90s Parents and Teachers

10:05 PM
Writes: Bal Krishna Growing up in Darjeeling today is very different than how we grew up. Today parents believe in raising their children in an environment so protected that even when they are wrong, they take a stand to protect them, and instead shift the blame on others. We didn’t have that luxury. Our parents […]


4:17 PM
Writes: Prabin Moktan Back in 1998 I had accompanied a talented group of Higher Secondary boys from St. Augustine’s to Mount Hermon for the ISC Fest. Representing SAS in the solo song category of the Western Music Competition was Bipul Chettri, then a slightly intense, almost brooding musician, respected immensely by his cohorts for his […]

Of Roti, Matar, Alu Dum, Kofta, Bun, Puri, Pakora and More

12:44 PM
Writes: Bal Krishna Nostalgia can hit in many different forms, at times it’s a song, at times a smell, may be a restaurant, or a even a bar… this pic brought back flood of memories from my childhood days, and I am sure many here must have shared similar experiences as me. Back in the […]

Darjeeling Zoo to receive snow leopard from Britain

8:36 PM
The Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park (PNHZP) in Darjeeling  West Bengal will receive a two year old snow leopard as a part of an international breeding programme. Makalu born at the Black Country zoo in Britain will arrive from DZG on Friday at Kolkata airport and then will be taken to the Darjeeling zoo for […]

Most Common Habits That Damage Your Kidneys

8:18 PM
Kidneys are one of the vital body organs, as their function is to eliminate waste and toxins from the body through the urine. Thus, they regulate the levels of minerals, such as calcium, and phosphate. Additionally, kidneys regulate blood pressure as they produce essential hormones which are necessary for this function, as well as for […]
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