Ramilo SU-Khim: The Sikkim University Fest

7:49 PM
Writes *Animesh Rai 28th May 2016, was a historic day for Sikkim University (SU), one of the youngest yet the highly debated ‘Highway’ University of India. The focus this time was not the usual debate or debacle between the state and the academia nor was it the issues pertaining to research fellowship grants, reservations, campus […]

Second Short film by Gorkha TEZ in the 69th Cannes International Film Festival 2016

5:19 PM
Another Gorkha Filmmaker’s Short film TEZ selected FOR 69thCannes International Film Festival (Festival De Cannes) 2016 Guwahati , Monday, 2nd May 2016: An Eastern Green Pictures production, Assamese language short Film TEZ has been selected under the Short Film Corner section at the prestigious 69th Cannes International Film Festival (Festival de Cannes) which will be […]

Young Gorkha filmmaker, Saurav Rai, steal the show for India at 69th Cannes film festival

11:42 AM
Writes Faizal Khan May 22, 2016 When he was only one-and-half years old, Saurav Rai remembers experiencing an earthquake one day that shook everything around him. His mother, however, is sure there was no earthquake that day. The memory of something that didn’t happen has been haunting Rai ever since his childhood. Now, more than […]

Kohima Gorkha community celebrated pre-Tihar (Diwali)

10:52 AM
The Kohima Gorkha community today celebrated pre-Tihar (Diwali), the festival of lights under the aegis of Gorkha Public Panchayat Kohima within its office complex in Chandmari here. Gracing the celebration as the chief guest, OSD Municipal Affairs Department Nagaland, Sanju Pandey expressed the hope that the celebrations would spread the message of brotherhood and oneness […]

Week long Darjeeling Cultural and Tourism Festival 2015

Tourist in the second day of the ongoing week long Darjeeling Cultural and Tourism Festival (DCTF) did what they had only watched actors do in cinemas and wished. The festival organizers gave enthusiastic tourists a thrilling opportunity, to dance on the moving Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR), a first for many of them. And willing tourists […]

BHAI TIKA – A True Celebration of Women Empowerment in ‪‎Gorkhali‬ Society

8:04 AM
Writes: Bal Krishna While in majority of the communities across South Asia – Rakhi is seen as one of the most important festivals, for Gorkhalis its Bhai Tika… and we believe that no other festival in the world celebrates female empowerment more than Bhai Tika. In Rakhi, the sister ties the string of faith on […]

Phulpati / Fulpati in Dashain festival

4:40 PM
What is Phulpati? Phulpati or Fulpati is celebrated on Saptami which is the seventh day of Vijaya Dasami the Gorkhas festival. Phool is Flower and Pati is leaves and plants. FulPati literally means flowers, leaves and plants. Phulpati /Fulpati What do we do on Phulpati? Navapatrika is decorated outside the house and carried inside the Dashain […]

Kukur (dog) Tihar or Kukur Puja

10:27 AM
About Kukur Tihar Kukur (dog) Tihar or Khicha Puja by the Newars, is celebrated on the second day of the five-day Tihar festival by the Gorkhas. Kukar-Tihar is day of worship and appreciation of dogs by the Gorkhas around the globe. Tihar in Gorkha community represents the divine attachment between Human and other animals. Kukur (dog) […]

Kaag Tihar or Kaag Puja (काग तिहार)

9:57 AM
About Kaag Tihar or Kaag Puja Tihar (Nepali: तिहार) (Diwali) is the 5 days Gorkha festival which starts with the Kaag Tihar (Nepali: काग तिहार) or Kaag Puja (worshipping of the Crow). On this day the Gorkhas follow Kag Puja (worship of the crows) by offering sweets and dishes to the crows on the roof […]

Mirik Cultural and Tourism festival started – Photos

9:30 AM
Mirik, October 11, 2014: The annual GTA programme, the Cultural and Tourism festival started in Mirik today. The Organizing Committee headed by Rajkumar Rai successfully initiated the festival under the Cultural & Information Dept. of GTA. Sabasadh Binay Tamang was the chief guest of the programme today. Glimpse of  Cultural and Tourism festival in Mirik Meanwhile […]

Gorkha Cultural and Tourism Festival 2014 to be held in Mirik

9:53 AM
An important meeting related to the Gorkha Cultural and Tourism Festival 2014, scheduled to be held in Mirik from October 11-20, was today conducted at the community hall here. The meeting was presided over by Sabhasad Phurbi Rai in the presence of Information and Culture Department Sabhasad Binay Tamang along with other GTA officials. GTA […]

Gorkhas celebrated Teez across India

11:34 AM
The festival of Teez, celebrated by married Gorkha Hindu women seeking longevity and prosperity of their husbands, was today celebrated across the hills with great enthusiasm. Hanuman Mandir in Bong Busty and Thakur Bari Mandir, both in Kalimpong, witnessed a frenzy of activity since early in the morning. Women clad in bright red saris offered […]

Maghe Sankranti / Sakrati (Nepali:माघे सङ्क्रान्ति )

11:16 AM
Maghe Sankranti (Nepali:माघे सङ्क्रान्ति )  is the Gorkha festival  which is celebrated in the beginning of the holy month of Magh, usually the mid of January. It brings an end to the ill-omened month of Poush (mid-december) when all religious ceremonies are forbidden. Even if it is considered the coldest day of the year, it […]

Tamu Lochar celebration in Mirik

9:40 AM
The Gurung community while demanding a community status celebrated Tamu Lochar at Allay ground with great enthusiasm today. The people gathered in traditional attires prayed for the well being of the community in the days to come. The programme was conducted under the leadership of Mirik Gurung Community President DK Gurung and had the presence […]
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