Download “Vote Mitra Darjeeling” – Mobile app for voters

8:03 AM
March 31:Darjeeling From locating your polling booth to seeking information about your EPIC card, accessing information in Darjeeling district will be only a touch away, with the district information office launching a mobile application, “Vote Mitra”, today. This application is for voters in Darjeeling district and is the first-of-its-kind in the state. “We have brought […]

Urdu language compatible Nokia phone, price Rs 2,500

10:15 PM
Mobile handset maker Nokia released a low-cost device with Urdu language capability in the country on Thursday. Nokia launches Rs 2,500 phone with Urdu capability The device which targets the 150 million Urdu speaking residents of the country is priced at around Rs 2,500 and will offer services such as messaging, Internet access etc in […]
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