TMC supporter who had called Jai Shree Ram a ‘call of terror’ now calls Gorkhas ‘infiltrators’ on national TV

6:20 PM
While opposing implementation of National Register of Citizens in the state of West Bengal, political analyst and TMC supporter Tanvi Das ended up terming the Gorkhas as ‘infiltrators’ during a panel discussion on a TV channel. While addressing a rally in Kolkata on October 1, Home Minister Amit Shah had said that the government will implement NRC […]

ELECTION 2019: NRC, the latest talking point

3:11 PM
Writes NN Ojha BJP chief Amit Shah’s declaration in Alipurduar on 29 March that NRC will be implemented in West Bengal if BJP came to power has  ignited a debate about how NRC might impact people in Darjeeling hills. The debate has further intensified after Prime Minister Modi repeated his party chief’s statement during his […]

NRC Won’t Hurt Gorkhas, Says PM Narendra Modi

11:31 AM
SILIGURI, WEST BENGAL: Insisting that he won’t spare infiltrators, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday assured justice for refugees from neighbouring countries and said the Gorkha community in north Bengal won’t be hurt by a National Register of Citizens (NRC). “The way Modi has acted against Maoists and terrorists, similarly Modi is not going to […]

Understanding NRC: A Politically Neutral Perspective

8:27 AM
Writes: Phinjo Wangyal Gurung “Writing is not just a form of divertissement but a healing process that soothes a perturbed and stressful mind, rejuvenates your spirit, and brings you back to life.” National Register of Citizens of India – Wikipedia An atmosphere of dubiety seems to have taken over the hills ever since the announcement […]

Do not Panic over NRC list says Assam Finance Minister

9:09 PM
Assam Finance Minister Himant Biswas Sarma Requests People Not to Panic – “Even names of indigenous Assamese are not there in the list, names of Gorkhas are not in the list, but this is not final” In an interview to India Today, Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has appealed people not to panic over […]

Gorkhas in India are Indian citizens or legal migrants, says Nepal

8:34 PM
Writes Geeta Mohan One of the major fallout of the National Register for Citizens (NRC) list in Assam would be on Gorkhas in India. According to reports, an estimated one lakh Gorkhas have been kept out of the draft that was published on July 30 that could be a cause for major consternation between the […]

NRC Issue – Congress MP writes to Home Minister Rajnath Singh

7:12 PM
‘1 lakh Gorkhas of Assam not in list’ Expressing concern over the “non-inclusion of genuine Indian citizens of the Hindi- and Bengali-speaking community” in the final draft of NRC of Assam, Congress Lok Sabha MP and the party’s observer in West Bengal Gaurav Gogoi has written to Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Mr. Gogoi has urged […]

आसाममा १ लाख गोर्खाहरूको नाम मेटिएको घोर विरोध गर्दछौं -बिनय तामाङ

6:00 PM
नेशनल रेजिस्टर अफ सिटिजन मार्फत आसामका कूल ४० लाख मानिसहरूको नाम काटिएको छ भने उक्त ४० लाखमध्ये १ लाख गोर्खाहरूको नाम मेटिएको हामीलाई जानकारी प्राप्त भएको छ। गोर्खा जनमुक्ति मोर्चा आसामका ती सबा गोर्खाहरूलाई उक्त ट्राफ्ट फाइनल राफ्ट नरहेकोले फेरि पनि आफ्नो नागरिकता प्रमाणित गर्ने समय रहेको जनाउँदै पुनः आवेदन गर्ने अपील गर्दछौं।यति गरेर फाइनल […]

Bimal Gurung’s Press Release on NRC list Assam

12:58 PM
Press release from President Shri Bimal Gurung: “I extend my solidarity and support to all those genuine citizens of India whose name have been left out of the NRC list, and request the central government to take handle their cases with utmost care, and also request the Govt of Assam and the Central Govt to […]

NRC could threaten national security and start communal violence – Binay Tamang

12:52 PM
“NRC political game of BJP – could threaten national security and start communal violence in the country” – says Binay Tamang GJM (BT) faction chief and the current GTA Board of Administrators Chairman Binay Tamang on Wednesday said that he would extend legal support to Assam’s Gorkha community if they were displaced following implementation of […]

Gorkhas May Suffer if NRC implemented in West Bengal

11:15 AM
If the NRC Is Extended to West Bengal, Indian Gorkhas May End Up Suffering Swaraj Thapa Questions over identity and citizenship of Indian Gorkhas have long persisted, which is one of the reasons behind the community’s consistent demand for a Gorkhaland state. As the debate continues over what will happen to those who will eventually […]

Close to 100,000 Gorkha Names Left Out of Assam NRC

7:56 AM
Writes: Rahul Karmakar The complete draft of the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC) published on July 30 has made the Gorkhas of Assam feel they are paying the price for India’s treaty with Nepal almost seven decades ago. While the focus of the NRC has been on the exclusion of Bengali Muslims and Hindus […]

Exclusion in NRC “not fair” – Gorkha Autonomous Council Demand Committee

7:46 AM
Guwahati : The Gorkha Autonomous Council Demand Committee, which has been demanding “original in habitants” status for the Gorkhas living in Assam, said exclusion of many names of the community from the final draft of the NRC is “not fair”. The committee’s chairman, Harka Bahadur Chhetri, on Thursday said: “Many Gorkha people have been excluded […]

Gorkha demands constitutional Indigenous status says Assam Accord cutoff date not applicable to Gorkhas

8:59 AM
Gorkha demands constitutional Indigenous status says Assam Accord cutoff date not applicable to Gorkhas 9th September Khanapra, Guwahati Assam: Gorkhafa Harka Bahadur Chetry, Chairman of Gorkha Autonomous Council Demand Committee (GACDC)  speaking at ‘Raithaney Gorkha Bhela’  reiterated only one demand that Gorkhas should  be recognized as  Indigenous community of Assam in the NRC Upgradation process […]

Gorkhas are indigenous, Assam Accord cut off date not applicable to the Gorkhas of Assam : Gorkhafa Harka Bahadur Chetri

10:00 PM
Gorkhas are indigenous and so Assam Accord cut off date not applicable to the Gorkhas of Assam : Gorkhafa Harka Bahadur Chetri Writes Nanda Kirati Dewan 19 days long 600 kms Marathon March ends at Dispur Lastgate : More than 3000 people rallied from Sonapur to Guwahati Tripartite talks demanded : Govt. of Assam assures of […]

Akhil Assam Gorkha Sammelan called uopn Gokha Organizations on NRC issue

9:16 PM
14th june 2016 Assam , Akhil Assam Gorkha Sammelan organised a meeting inviting all the Gorkha/Nepali organisation of Assam to discuss as well as to take decision arising out of anomalies in the preparation of the NRC which has created aprehension in the minds of the Gorkhas/Nepalis of Assam . All the organisations about eight […]
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