चिया कमानको मजदुरको जीवनको मोल कति?

9:57 PM
सम्पूर्ण चिया कमानहरुमा काम बन्द गर अनि श्रमिकहरुलाई बन्द अवधीको वेतन देऊ! DTA अनि CCPA को दार्जीलिङ पहाड़को चियाकमानहरुमा काम संचालित रा‌ख्ने कोशिशको घोर निन्दा गरौं! विश्वलाई त्रासित बनाएको कोरोना भाइरसको महामारी विरुद्ध हर एक देश अनि संस्थाहरु एकबद्ध भएर सक्रिय रुपमा काम गरिरहेका छन्। हाम्रो देशमा पनि यो भाइरसको विस्तारलाई रोक्नको निम्ति सरकारले कतिपय […]

Condemn the attempt by D.T.A & C.C.P.A to operate the Tea plantations in Darjeeling

6:00 PM
Shut Down Plantations and Pay Wages to the Workers. Darjeeling Tea Association and Consultative Committee of Plantation Association has turned deplorable and inhuman by shamelessly requesting the West Bengal State Government to allow the complete operation of Tea Plantations in Darjeeling as reported in the Statesman on 27th March 2020. How indifferent, insensitive and self- […]

Rs.172 – Price of blood, sweat and life of a Tea garden worker in Gorkhaland!

12:28 PM
‘All wealth is the product of labor’- John Locke Tea plantations of Darjeeling, Dooars and Terai encompass the two extremes of human existence, the unimaginable opulence of Tea garden owners and the abject impoverishment of workers. Behind the idyllic hills, the scenic gardens, the “romance of the two leaves and a bud”, and the “smiling […]

Solidarity from Gorkha Students, JNU for tea garden workers

10:26 AM
A statement of solidarity from Gorkha Students, JNU to the protesting tea garden workers for their minimum wage All tea workers unions from Darjeeling, Dooars and Tarai under the broad banner of Joint Forum have decided to go for a 48 hour strike in Bengal against the exploitation of tea garden owners of Bengal, who […]

Gorkha Students JNU appeal to people

7:23 AM
AN APPEAL TO THE PEOPLE OF DARJEELING, KALIMPONG, DOARS AND TERAI After a lot of diversions and contradictory statements from the Bengal government, intending to create ambiguity and confusion, it has been finally declared by Mamata Banarjee in her recent statement to media that Bengali language will be made compulsory in schools for non Bengali […]

Gorkha Students JNU Call Out Flipkart’s Racist Ad In Strongly Worded Open Letter

9:16 PM
JNU’s Gorkha Students Call Out Flipkart’s Racist Ad In Strongly Worded Open Letter To, Flipkart Dear Binny, First of all, let us clarify that you are neither hallucinating nor in your dreams. It must be deeply disturbing and astonishing for you to reconcile with this fact that you are reading a letter written by a […]

Commemorating the spirit of struggle on 25th Nepali Bhasa Manyata Diwas – Gorkha Students, JNU

10:35 AM
It was a new dawn for the Gorkhas of India when their language, Nepali was given a constitutional status on the 20th day of August 1992. This day commemorates the struggle of those visionary and revolutionary Gorkhas who had fought to provide Nepali language in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, thereby fulfilling the […]

Gorkha Students JNU condemns rape and murder of gorkha girl from Assam and the Dalit girl in Kerala.

7:32 AM
“Gorkha Students, JNU condemns heinous acts of brutal rape and murder of gorkha girl from Assam and the Dalit girl, Jisha in Kerala. We condemn, in the strongest terms the despicable crimes committed against Jisha, against the girl from Assam who was brutally raped and murdered and to the continued apathy shown by the University officials towards […]

Gorkha Students, JNU condemn racist assaults on Students from Sikkim in ITFT Chandigarh

5:29 PM
Condemn Brutal Racist assaults on Students from Sikkim for protesting against racist slurs The students from Sikkim were brutally beaten with rods, bricks and hockey sticks by some students and hooligans from Himachal Pradesh in full public view. This is the second time that students from Sikkim studying at Institute of Technology and Future Trends […]

Open letter to Mamata Banerjee from Gorkha Student JNU

9:48 PM
Open letter to CM of west Bengal on the issue of continuous denial of justice to women student of Sikkim from Santineketan from Gorkha Student JNU. To Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal Nabana, Kolkata- Date: 29/09/2015 Dear Ms. Mamata, We are writing you this letter with utter despair and disgust towards the […]

A Reflection on the eve of 24th Nepali Bhasa Manayata Diwas

9:18 AM
Twenty three years ago on 20th August, 1992 after years of struggle, the lingua franca of the Gorkha community i.e. Nepali language was officially recognised and included in Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. It was a major step forward in the struggle of the Gorkhas in India to demolish the arguments/doubts which were trying […]

Beyond a cup of TEA – Gorkha Students JNU

11:44 AM
Untold stories of hunger & starvation deaths of Tea garden workers in Darjeeling ,Dooars & Terai! Behind the idyllic hills, the scenic gardens, the “romance of the two leaves and a bud”, and the “smiling faces” of the workers, what remains carefully hidden is the ugly truth of subhuman wages, more than a thousand starvation […]
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