Gorkhaland, a demand whose time has come

5:12 PM
Gorkhaland, a demand whose time has come: Demand of the sons of the soil and the myths that tarnish the movement When Jamyang Tsering Namgyal of Ladakh gave one of the most passionate, factual and heart-breaking accounts of how Article 370 had kept the people of Ladakh deprived, discriminated against and treated as a second […]

A crisis within crisis: The fault line of India’s longest statehood demand- Gorkhaland

3:54 PM
By SHWETA RAJ KANWAR 100 years and more, the longest statehood demand in India’s history, the demand for Gorkhaland has, many times reached its peak; and yet has always come tumbling down. Time and again, the unfulfilled aspirations have been doused by temporary promises and in 2017, the ‘Queen of Hills’ was under siege as […]


8:03 PM
REMEMBERING THE MARTYRS: “I regret that I have only one son to sacrifice for Gorkhaland” – The Gorkha Mother Writes: Chandan Pariyar Every time a gust of smoke comes out of the barrel of a gun, its ominous sound, floating with the clouds, worried hearts beat faster, but somewhere, the heart of a mother bleeds […]

Rajiv Gandhi’s Darjeeling visit during 1986 Gorkhaland agitation

9:54 AM
REMEMBERING: Rajiv Gandhi During the height of Gorkhaland andolan in 1986-88 the then Prime Minister Shri. Rajiv Gandhi had visited Darjeeling… But that was the time when Shri. Subash Ghising’s GNLF ruled the roost… and the GNLF had called for a boycott of the Prime Minister due to the atrocities meted out against us by […]

Darjeeling Unrest 2017: From an agitation to a Leadership Contest

1:55 PM
Writes: Dinesh Sharma The Gorkhaland agitation of 2017 has been an eye-opener in many aspects. While it did not yield the desired results even after 104 days of the shutdown, it did manage to bring out the inner demon in us, exposing our vulnerabilities, our inability to trust one another, and utter disrespect for the […]

Gorkhaland 2017: When Miracles Failed and Criticism Invited FIRs

Writes – @oyeketa During the 104 days of the shutdown, Darjeeling experienced what every political uprising faces – blockades, food scarcity, police brutality, unlawful arrests, media-blackout, and everything else that can make any movement fall on its knees. But, what broke the back of Gorkhaland agitation in 2017 was its dependence on the ‘miracles of […]

Bimal Gurung’s call for Final Gorkhaland Agitation

7:51 PM
19th August 2016 Darjeeling Bimal Gurung threatens to resign as the chief executive of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) and launch the ‘final agitation’ for Gorkhaland  within a couple of months. Gurung, alleging infringement and unnecessary interference in the functioning of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration by the state government, termed the hill body as a […]

GJM youth supports Gurungs agitation for a separate state of Gorkhaland

DARJEELING 19 Aug 2016 A day after Gorkha Janmukti Morcha president Bimal Gurung announced he would resign from the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration to spearhead an agitation for a separate  state, the party’s youth front pledged wholehearted support to his decision asserting they were ready to shed the Gandhi-wadi style of struggle. Bolstered by Gurung’s speech […]

Bimal Gurung threatens fresh statehood agitation

10:58 AM
DARJEELING 27 Jul 2016 Gorkha Janmukti Morcha president Bimal Gurung today vented his frustration and anger at the state government for its alleged interference and threatened to re-start the statehood movement. He said so during a programme organised by the party to observe Shahid Diwas, to commemorate the deaths of more than 1,200 people killed […]

Youths should talk about Agitation like the 86 agitation – BImal Gurung

8:31 AM
Writes: Vivek Chhetri At a public meeting of the Gorkha Yuva Morcha, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha’s youth wing, in his constituency of Vah-Tukvar, Gurung said: “I had told the youths I should not speak here because if I am to speak or chair (the meeting), your voices would be held back.” He said: “The youths […]

New Movie ‘Hawaghar’ on Gorkhaland‬ Agitation

8:22 PM
New Movie ‘Hawaghar’ – Seeks to Tell the ‪‎Gorkhaland‬ Tale We too have our stories to tell, like every society has its own. These stories stand tall, deeply rooted with the hills and valleys, joys and sorrows, soils and flowers as a foundation to the way of life for generations to come. Realising the fact […]

“Let Bimal Make Me GJM President, I Will Start Gorkhaland Agitation From Tomorrow.” – Dr. Harka

9:40 AM
The Theater of Absurd: “Let Bimal Make Me GJM President, I Will Start Gorkhaland Agitation From Tomorrow.” – Dr. Harka 2016 elections fever are here in full flow it seems, with GJM President Bimal Gurung and Kalimpong MLA Dr. Harka Bahadur Chettri exchanging political rhetoric through press conferences. Political scenario in Darjeeling has today become […]

Bimal Gurung announced fresh Gorkhaland agitation without strike

Statehood cry without shutdown – No strikes in Darjeeling, says Gurung, and welcomes Puja tourists. Writes Rajeev Ravidas Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) president Bimal Gurung today announced a fresh round of agitation for Gorkhaland but promised there would be no strikes so that tourists could visit the hills in the Pujas. Addressing a public meeting […]

Rajnath Singh’s, central, node for Gorkhaland opposed by state BJP

2:08 PM
Once again a fresh blow of air to the Gorkhaland statehood demand for Darjeeling hilly areas in West Bengal. The demand has kept the political air too hot for last many years. But, is it really to encourage formation of a new state splitting West Bengal as a large section of hill dwellers are demanding? […]

Documentary film on Gorkhaland – From the top

9:48 PM
This is one of many documented short films on the Gorkhaland movement. This film is about the demand for the formation of a separate state called Gorkhaland, which will not be a part of West Bengal. The documentary tries to understand the reason behind this demand, and the public opinion regarding this movement. Watch Documentary film […]

Demand for Gorkhaland is not new but dates back to 1907

2:01 PM
To those who doubted and laughed at my earlier post please use internet not only for social network but to know your own people’s struggle for identity and the discrimination faced generation after generation. Demand for Gorkhaland is not new but dated back to 1907 that was initiated with an objective of giving identity to […]

What is Gorkhaland movement?

10:48 PM
Gorkhaland (GL) movement refers to the century old demand of a separate provincial state for the Nepali speaking Indian Gorkha citizens  within the Indian Union. The Gorkha Identity Indian Gorkhas are Nepali speaking community mostly living all along the Himalayan belt and the North-East states of India. Gorkha is an umbrella term for numerous groups […]

Bimal Gurung – Mamata can kill me like Kishenji

9:54 AM
Bimal Gurung today said the Mamata Banerjee’s government could kill him like Maoist leader Kishen was gunned down by joint anti-rebel forces in West Midnapore. Gurung was speaking about alleged “state terror” during the hill agitation last year. Bimal Gurung – Mamata can kill me like Kishen “They can kill me like Kishen. This is […]
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