NaMo Vs Didi at Darjeeling turf

9:49 PM
Our take: ” Praise on honesty was a balancing act, but NaMo lost to Didi as Lepchas supported Bhaichung.” “When people have no faith on the police, they have faith on the Gorkhas and rely on their honesty. You dream is our dream”—Narendra Modi or NaMo in Siliguri. The words spoken by NaMo means a […]

NaMo praises Gorkha honesty, does not utter ‘Gorkhaland’

8:36 PM
“Give us five years and see what we do: NaMo to Voters” Pachkalguri (Siliguri), April 10: Narendra Modi (NaMo), the BJP prime ministerial candidate blustered the chief minister, alleged change of governance a fake one but praised the Gorkhas while he promised to fulfill the aspirations of the Gorkhas, Adivashis and Rajbonshis in his first […]

Political diplomacy at different levels in this election – Himalayan Talk

11:18 AM
“Kautilya said that diplomacy is a subtle act of war. ” Though Mamata Banerjee’s TMC and GJM backed BJP are campaigning dead hard against each other in Darjeeling, the story might be completely different post election in Delhi when it comes to larger picture for both the parties.When it comes to the center or national […]

Double mouthing could foil things for BJP-GJM alliance – HIMALAYAN TALK

11:04 PM
Danger to Follow: King is back to find his place When it comes to general elections in the country, the Darjeeling parliamentary seat has always drawn attention in North Bengal. The area or constituency being a conglomerate of the plains and the hills, the voters divided over the demand of the Gorkhas vis-a-vis the Gorkhaland […]

Reminiscing ‘hope’ has been a generous way to win hill hearts – Himalayan Talk

10:19 AM
Tenzing Sherpa’s accountability cannot be counted with votes A generous way to win hearts of the voters is to give them hope. Atleast that is what all fighting for the Darjeeling parliamentary seat are doing while campaigning for themselves for the past couple of days. ‘If’ BJP comes to power at the centre, the Darjeeling […]
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