Kalimpong, a centre of convergence: trade, town and people

1:06 AM
Writes: Diki Sherpa [ It was said that ,someday in 1940’s A wealthy man , to be specific the director of Rolex watches desired to know this place called “kalimpong” from where such an unusual high amount of Rolex watches is demanded. When the man finally arrived in Kalimpong he was rather stunned to find […]

Sikkim to get its railway line soon – gets green flag from Supreme Court

11:34 PM
The Supreme Court on Wednesday showed the green flag to a litigation-marred railway line from Sevoke in West Bengal to Rangpo in Sikkim, a project hanging fire since 2009 as wildlife activists and environmentalists are opposed to it. The Sivok-Rangpo New Rail Line Project is a mere 44.98 km with only 7.6% of the tracks […]

Traditional Himalayan paper industry potential high in the hills

9:00 AM
Kalimpong : The traditional Himalayan paper industry is known by different names. The Tibetans call is Tibetan paper, Gorkha people call it Gorkhali paper and the rest of the Himalayan region call it the Himalayan paper, but whatever it may be called, the industry has a close connection with the people and calls it by […]
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