CK Shrestha Rejects Felicitation – After Organizers Refer to Him As Being From NEPAL

10:20 PM
Gorkha Theater Legend CK Shrestha Rejects Felicitation – After Organizers Refer to Him As Being From NEPAL The Identity crisis felt by the Indian Gorkhas has bogged down generations of our people, and not just the ordinary people like you and I, even our celebrated artists, scholars, politicians and every prominent personality has to face […]

Gorkha community plans to re-establish their identity

9:49 PM
Melting pot: How Gorkha community in the city plans to re-establish their identity Writes Sadaf Modak The Gorkha population, residing in various northern and north-eastern states, has also settled in Mumbai for over five decades. FOR THE Gorkha community in Mumbai, a recent portrayal of its members as watchmen in an e-commerce website advertisement was […]

Nepal Disallows Celebration of HH Dalai Lama’s Birthday

11:39 PM
6th July 2016 The Songtsen Brikuti School in Boudhanath in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu where the Tibetan community was scheduled to celebrate the 81st birthday of the Dalai Lama was swarmed by Nepalese police early this morning, disrupting the celebrations and even detaining close to 30 Tibetans including the Tibetan Settlement Officer. The celebratory event […]

Master Mitrasen Thapa (1895 -1946) Gorkha in Indian and Nepal postal stamps

Master Mitrasen Thapa Magar (1895 -1946)  (Nepali/नेपाली: मित्रसेन थापा मगर (१८१५ – १९४६)) Indian Gorkha folk singer, lyrics writer, dramatist, social worker and a Freedom Fighter who took part in World War-I Master Mitrasen Thapa was born on the 29th December 1895 in Village Totarani, Bhagsu /Dharamshala. He was called master because in those days, the […]

Subash Ghisingh stood for the separate Indian Gorkha Troops

12:51 PM
Shri Subash Ghisingh always stood for the separate Indian Gorkha Troops, so as to differentiate the “Indo – Nepal Agreement Troops” and the “Indian Gorkha Troops” and to save the whole settled Indian Gorkhas from unnecessary and permanent stigma and allegation of Foreigners, Mercenaries, Reciprocal people and Nepal subjects. Finally after 30 years on 2nd […]

Are Darjeeling, Kalimpong and the Dooars part of India?

10:25 AM
Writes: Former Union Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar A group of Kathmandu-based Nepalese lawyers has filed a petition before the World Court at The Hague challenging India’s sovereignty over the Darjeeling hill areas. It bases its case on Article 8 of the Indo-Nepalese treaty of 1950 which cancels all previous “treaties and engagements” entered into between […]

Separate India Gorkha Regiment : Subash Ghishing

8:46 PM
Shri Subash Ghisingh always stood for separate Indian Gorkha Troops reason being to differentiate the “Indo – Nepal Agreement Troops” and the “Indian Gorkha Troops” and for greater interest of India, there were series of talks and correspondence regarding this issue: 15th January 1987, Telegram sent To Shri Rajiv Gandhi, P M of India, Copy […]

Gorkhaland is a Need of India – Subash Ghisingh

10:33 AM
The political legacy of Subash Ghisingh i.e. “Treaty of Sugauli, Article 1 & 8 of Indo-Nepal Treaty of 1950, Article 1 (3) C, Article 2 of Indian Constitution and International court of justice Hague ” are being used by The Greater Nepal Activist in Nepal to claim its old legitimate Territory from India. I, still remember […]

Interventionist India or China :: A reality check for Nepal

4:35 PM
Writes Rahul Singh Before I commence going into the intricacies of the headline that I have put up and start substantiating, I would like to salute the valiant spirit of the people of Nepal who have endured a long struggle, innumerable sacrifices and cultural diversity to eke out real democracy for themselves. It may have […]

India imposes blockade, Nepal looking to establish link with China

3:52 PM
Upping the ante, Nepal said it is looking at establishing contacts with China through land route and with other countries through air if the blockade on India border does not end soon. Nepalese deputy PM and home minister, Bamdev Gautam told dna in an interview that it is keeping its options open and will not […]

Over 5,000 vehicles stopped at Indo-Nepal border in Sunauli

2:49 PM
LUMBINI: Over 5,000 vehicles, including carrier trucks and tankers, have been stranded on the Indian side as India kept the Nepal-India border check point at Sunauli, close on Sunday also. The vehicles, carrying different types of goods from India to Nepal, have queued up in a road stretch of 30 kilometre from south of Sunauli […]

India stopped fuel supplies to Nepal

12:14 AM
Nepal reels under fuel deficit as IOC stops supply Writes Anil Giri ([email protected]) The ongoing violent protests in Nepal’s southern plains opposing the new constitution — promulgated on September 20 — have taken a toll on Nepal-India relations as petroleum major Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has stopped fuel supplies to Nepal from its three depots. […]

Gorkhas in the Indian Army allowed to take leave

9:30 PM
Gorkhas in the Indian Army who want to attend to their families in earthquake-hit Nepal will be allowed to take leave, Army officials said on Monday. Gorkhas in the Indian Army “If some Gorkha personnel feel they have to take leave, they can. It will not be a problem,” an army official said. There are […]

BGP Uttarakhand Dehradun seminar on “Indo-Nepal FriendshipTreaty 1950”

Dehradun : BGP (Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh) Uttarakhand Dehradun organized a seminar on “Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty 1950”. The event was held in the Gorkhali Sudar Sabha hall. BGP president of Uttarakhand, Lt Col (retd) Dewan Singh Kdka, said the main purpose of the seminar was to discuss  the “1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship” in […]

Seminar on Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty Held in Kalimpong

11:17 AM
Clearing the Air Surrounding Article 7 of Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty A seminar jointly organized by the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) and DDUDF was held in Kalimpong Town Hall to discuss the ramifications of Article 7 of Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty and the ensuing identity crisis felt by the Indian Gorkhalis. Seminar on Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty Held […]

Mamata Banerjee silent on Influx from Nepal into Darjeeling says Dr. D P Kar

11:46 AM
SILIGURI: She has come and she has gone. In between, she has announced new schemes, distributed grants to beneficiaries and talked to administrative officials for development. West Bengal CM Miss Mamata Banerjee missed to address the crisis of uncontrolled influx through porous Indo-Nepal border. But missed to address one of the most important crises those […]
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