Gorkha Pride: Major Manoj Pandey and His Gorkha Boys

8:01 AM
Writes: Mr Harpreet This day 2 years ago: Capt MK Pandey’s statue in Lucknow – defaced by his fellow Lucknowites, restored by Gorkhas from his Regiment. The preferred ‘tool’ of the Gorkhas? Khukri! These guys are sheer magicians with the Khukri. Can just as easily chop off an enemy’s head as they can use the […]

Gorkha Regiment : The legendary badass warriors

6:45 PM
Writes Naba Raj Chetri “Better to die than to be a coward” is the motto of the world famous Gorkha army, whose might and valour has transcended boundaries, but what do we really know about the gorkhas, lets try to find out. Origins Historically the term ‘Gorkha and Gorkhali” is derived from the hill town and […]

SAS Soldier chopped and killed 3 ISIS terrorists with khukuri

11:35 AM
A Special Air Service (SAS) soldier reportedly stabbed to death three ISIS members with a traditional Gorkha knife when the militants tried to abduct him in Fallujah. The SAS soldiers are reportedly fighting Daesh (as ISIS is also known as) in Libya and Iraq, advising curter attacks and also occasionally taking part in fighting. The […]

Gorkha Bicentennary Mahotsav ends with Pawan Chamling’s pep talk

2:02 PM
Dehradun: The four-day Gorkha Bicentennary Mahotsav culminated on Sunday with a glittering evening programme in which Sikkim chief minister, Pawan Chamling, was the chief guest. Speaking at the occasion, Chamling congratulated the community for its achievement. He also gave a pep talk especially targeted at the youth. “Wake up early and give more time to […]

1/11 Gorkha Rifles celebrates raising day on September 1st

2:21 PM
Every year 1/11 Gorkha Rifles celebrates their raising day on 1st September as the regiment  1/11 Gorkha Rifles was raised on 01 Sep 1960 at Clement Town, Dehradun. he troops of the battalion are essentially RAIS and LIMBUS, a famous and dreaded Khukri wielding stock. 1/11 Gorkha Rifles celebrates  raising day on 01 September They […]

“The Khukri Braves” Book Review by Anmol Mukhia

10:37 AM
Anmol Mukhia for IG Book Review on Mani, Jyoti Thapa (2015), “The Khukri Braves: The illustrated history of Gorkhas”, Rupa Publication, New Delhi, Page 407. The author (Jyoti Thapa Mani) has illustrated the book entitled “The Khukri Braves: The illustrated history of Gorkhas,” not only from the pictorial representation but also from the rich encyclopaedia […]

Gorkhas performed khukuri dance in Indo-Pak War golden jubilee

10:12 AM
The soldier displayed their martial arts skills as part of the programme commemorating the golden jubilee of the 1965 Indo-Pak War. A large number of visitors witnessed the performances. Organised by the Western Command, Sikh soldiers presented gatka while Gorkhas performed khukuri dance during the show “Hamari Army, Hamari Shaan”. Gorkhas khukuri dance – representational pic […]

“The Khukri Braves – The Illustrated History of the Gorkhas” interview with the author

10:04 AM
The Darjeeling Chronicle EXCLUSIVE interview with Jyoti Thapa Mani, the author of the newly released book “The Khukri Braves – The Illustrated History of the Gorkhas” EXCLUSIVE:  “The Khukri Braves – The Illustrated History of the Gorkhas” – JYOTI THAPA MANI Jyoti Thapa Mani, the author of newly released book “The Khukri Braves – The […]

153 Gorkha recruits take oath

A fresh batch of 153 recruits of 39 Gorkha Training Centre (GTC) took oath at the Parade Ground on Saturday. Gorkha recruits were given ‘Khukri’, their traditional weapon as per Nepali culture. Varanasi: Army recruits during their passing out parade at the 39 Gorkha Training Centre in Varanasi on Dec 14, 2014. (Photo: IANS) Colonel […]

GTA Sabha member Kaziman Lohagun on judicial remand

8:45 AM
Darjeeling, July 1: Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) Sabha member Kaziman Lohagun, arrested in connection with the Jamuni land case, was remanded in 14 days’ judicial custody. Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) Sabha member, Kaziman Lohagun, arrested . The GTA member of Bijanbari-Pulbazar had been arrested on June 27 for allegedly supplying weapons to six persons who had […]

The Gorkhas’ Khukris flashed at Chola in 1967

12:56 AM
Kirantis’ khukris flash at Chola in 1967 “Rifleman Devi Prasad Limbu after finishing off all his ammunition, charged at the Chinese with his Khukri, severing the heads of five of them, before being killed.” In conflict, moral ascendancy over the enemy is an imperative. During World War 2, we had seen how the Indian and […]
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