The Sishnu Chronicles – An Ode to 90s Parents and Teachers

10:05 PM
Writes: Bal Krishna Growing up in Darjeeling today is very different than how we grew up. Today parents believe in raising their children in an environment so protected that even when they are wrong, they take a stand to protect them, and instead shift the blame on others. We didn’t have that luxury. Our parents […]

Of Titaura and Kateko Suntala: School Days in ‪Darjeeling‬

10:48 AM
Writes: Bicky Sharma Recently, during my stay in the plains, I would go around for a walk in the morning after waking up. What I would see were students waiting for their school bus on the side of the road, with a certain gloomy texture on their faces (obviously, my mornings would start late enough). […]

A FICTION: The Day CM Wore Sikkimese-Nepali Topi

12:30 PM
Writes: Amir Gurung “घाम चर्को लाग्दैछ… its getting hotter by the day”, mutters the village tailor in some far flung village of Sikkim. Nearby his son is meddling on the Android phone not paying much attention to what his father has just said. They are generations apart. The boy seems to be engrossed in the […]

To Vote For a “Brighter Future,” When All The Choices You Have Are “Dark”

9:26 AM
Writes: Bicky Sharma “Dinu, uth na aabo. Vote haalnu jaadainas? Aaile duiso feri bhir huncha.” – shouts Dinu’s mom, to which Dinu replies “Jaadai garnu tapai, aaile keta haru sita awchu.” She then leaves for the polling booth, reminding him again to make it fast. Dinu is a young guy. Just 19 years of age, […]

Bhima & Puja’s journey From child labour to Bengal’s Under-14 girls’ hockey team

9:14 AM
Vivek Chettri Darjeeling, Feb. 16 : Bhima Chettri and Puja Kachu were victims of child labour not too long ago. Today, the two youngsters are representing Bengal in hockey with Bhima even captaining the state’s Under-14 girls’ team. Bhima, a resident of Rimbick in Darjeeling subdivision, was seven when she had been sent to Kalimpong, […]

Chandra Sharma to fly self made helicopter on Republic Day

9:04 PM
An Indian Gorkha, Chandra Sharma, from Dimow Syamjuli village in Dhemaji District of Assam, have dedicated himself to building a Helicopter on his own which he will attempt to fly on 26th of Jan, 2016 – Republic Day. According to reports on The Darjeeling Chronicle Mr. Sharma has been working on this helicopter since 2013 […]

Downhill in Darjeeling – Prajwal Parajuly

9:16 AM
Writes: Prajwal Parajuly At Tiger Hill, Darjeeling’s famous viewing point, stands an observation tower. As early as 5am, the bottom two floors of the tower are already crammed with standing tourists. We are on our tiptoes—there’s no room. The top deck isn’t crowded. Tourists there sit on sofas that were once plush and sip tea while […]

Shiva Thapa: Punching Above His Weight

11:10 AM
Shiva Thapa is only 21, but is already the third Indian boxer after Vijender Singh and Vikas Krishan to win a World Championship medal. Like most achievements by Indian champions, Shiva Thapa’s bantamweight bronze in the World meet at Doha in October 2015 is the result of a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Since […]

Darjeeling tea denies justice to its labours

9:18 PM
Seven o’clock in the morning, the winter winds hitting hard and pronounced as labours of the tea industry in Darjeeling are reporting for duty. Women labours carry a Doko (a basket to put the plucked tea leaves), some with their new born babies chugs along the lusty tea bushes waiting to be plucked and sold […]
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