Video – Maruni dance in World Culture Festival

10:42 AM
Gorkha cultural traditional Maruni  is a dance from Sikkim and Darjeeling usually performed by the males in female costumes, whose body movements are extremely graceful. 370 performers dance to the Samala beat , a rhythm expressing celebration with a touch of romance , on the second day of World Culture Festival organized by The Art Of […]

Phulpati / Fulpati in Dashain festival

4:40 PM
What is Phulpati? Phulpati or Fulpati is celebrated on Saptami which is the seventh day of Vijaya Dasami the Gorkhas festival. Phool is Flower and Pati is leaves and plants. FulPati literally means flowers, leaves and plants. Phulpati /Fulpati What do we do on Phulpati? Navapatrika is decorated outside the house and carried inside the Dashain […]
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