Condemn the attempt by D.T.A & C.C.P.A to operate the Tea plantations in Darjeeling

6:00 PM
Shut Down Plantations and Pay Wages to the Workers. Darjeeling Tea Association and Consultative Committee of Plantation Association has turned deplorable and inhuman by shamelessly requesting the West Bengal State Government to allow the complete operation of Tea Plantations in Darjeeling as reported in the Statesman on 27th March 2020. How indifferent, insensitive and self- […]

Gorkhas May Suffer if NRC implemented in West Bengal

11:15 AM
If the NRC Is Extended to West Bengal, Indian Gorkhas May End Up Suffering Swaraj Thapa Questions over identity and citizenship of Indian Gorkhas have long persisted, which is one of the reasons behind the community’s consistent demand for a Gorkhaland state. As the debate continues over what will happen to those who will eventually […]

West Bengal name changed to “Bengla”

8:16 PM
West Bengal Assembly passes resolution to change state’s name to “Bangla” Writes: Avijit Ghosal The West Bengal Assembly unanimously passed a resolution on Thursday to change the state’s name to Bangla. However, the change in name will only happen once the home ministry approves the resolution. The move follows months of back-and-forth between the state […]

Bengal govt issues transfer orders to Hill teachers for raising voice for people democratically

9:01 AM
The West Bengal government has issued transfer orders to two government employees for allegedly indulging in “anti-government activities” and “trying to stir up unrest”. This comes after the district administration wrote to the state school education department, accusing the teachers of “trying to stir up unrest” in the Hills, and requested their transfer to Presidency, Midnapore or Burdwan divisions. The Indian Express […]


5:43 PM
Writes Swadhin Rai “They said fight and many lost their lives leaving families devastated. We lost our dignity; lost the battle and sold our soul, yet we denied. Time and again we hated the policies and the dividing intention of Mamta Government, when in fact the problem was always with us. Then again they sponsored […]

Nursing Admissions 2018 under the Govt of West Bengal

9:30 PM
IMPORTANT: Nursing Admissions 2018 Applications are invited for three year GNM Training Course, including 6 months internship in Nursing Training Schools under the Govt of WB. Criterion: 1. Age – Between 17 to 27 years as on 01.01.2018 2. Citizen of India, and premanent resident of any district of West Bengal for at least five […]

पंचायत चुनाव में विमल गुरुंग गुट ने दर्ज कराई दमदार उपस्थिति।

4:11 PM
*कालचीनी और नागराकाटा प्रखंड के कई पंचायतों में जीती सीटें -“यदि केंद्रीय बलों की मौजूदगी में मतदान होता तो और सीटें मिलती” -शिवानंद पांडेय, सिलीगुड़ी : गोरखा जनमुक्ति मोर्चा में दो गुट हो जाने के बाद भी ज्यादातर मोर्चा समर्थकों ने अपनी आस्था भूमिगत चल रहे मोर्चा नेता व गोरखालैंड टेरिटोरियल एडमिनिस्ट्रेशन के पूर्व मुख्य […]

Darjeeling, Kalimpong to benefit from ‘Nijo Griho Nijo Bhumi Prokolpo’

7:34 AM
Darjeeling: Now, Darjeeling and Kalimpong will finally benefit from “Nijo Griho Nijo Bhumi Prokolpo” of the Bengal government. The scheme is being routed through the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration in the Hills. The “Nijo Griho Nijo Bhumi Prokolpo” was launched on October 18, 2011 by the Chief Minister of Bengal, whereby 5 decimal of land is […]

हामीहरु रोहिङ्या होइनौं,हामी सबैजना कोलकाता सोनापुरको वासिन्दा हौ अनि खाटी भारतीय हौ

2:32 PM
कालेबुङ,२८/०४/२०१८, केही दिन अघि सोसियल मिडियामा भाइरल बनेको भिडिया जहाँ कालेबुङको थाना डाँडा अघि एक हुल मुस्लिम समुदायका युवकहरु वाहनबाट उत्रिएको देखाइएको थियो। त्यहीँ भिडियोमा देखिएको एक सदस्य शेख शहनशाहले पत्रकारहरु लाई जानकारी दिदै भने हामी रोहिङ्या हैनौ,हामी खाटी भारतीय हौं।अनि हामी सित मतदाता परिचयपत्र देखि लिएर अन्य सम्पुर्ण आवश्यक परिचयपत्रहरु छ्।हामी कोलकाताको सोनापुरको वासिन्दा […]


8:09 PM
Bimal Gurung and many Gorkhas in the hills have been sent show cause notice in connection with their absence from their home region. It is to be noted that Bimal Gurung, Roshan Giri and several others have serious cases sub judicial slapped by the Bengal Government and many GJMM leaders and workers are already behind […]

Bhaichung Bhutia Treated like outsider in TMC

1:17 PM
RAJEEV RAVIDAS-Telegraph Gangtok: Former Indian soccer star Bhaichung Bhutia has broken his silence on his resignation from Trinamul last month, accusing a section of party leaders of treating him like an “outsider” while signalling a political career in home state Sikkim. “Since I was an outsider (in Bengal), I was opposed not just by the […]

500 crores for GTA

12:27 PM
Since the month of June, the Gorkhaland Agitation has damaged and destroyed many Government and private properties in the Darjeeling hills. Within this three months, many violent incidents took place like burning down of the offices, properties, conducting raids and many others.As a result, the loss of the total properties approximately is more than one […]


10:05 AM
Writes Upendra Bengal, once one of the leading lights of India – where thinkers, philosophers, scholars, reformers and revolutionaries of all hue and colour found acceptance and thrived. The land of Raja Rammohan Roy, Ramkrishna Parmahansa, Swamy Vivekananda, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, Amartya Sen; the land of which it was once said, […]

Darjeeling MP and MoS Ahluwalia Writes to Home Ministry on Gorkhaland Demand

10:01 PM
– Sumit Pande New Delhi: Amidst the escalating protests in Darjeeling and adjoining areas, Minister of State for Agriculture SS Ahluwalia has written to Home Minister Rajnath Singh to examine the demand for a separate hill state Gorkhaland. Sources in the Home Ministry have told CNN-News18 that Ahluwalia, who won Lok Sabha elections from Darjeeling […]

LANGUAGE ISSUE: Gurung ups ante in language fight

Write: Vivek Chhetri and Bireswar Banerjee Bimal Gurung yesterday said there would be repercussions if the administration indulged in excesses during the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha’s processions next week and asked tour operators to evacuate visitors from the hills in 30 minutes. The Morcha had announced processions with black flags from June 4 to 9 to […]

Mamata Banerjee’s Greter Bangla Conspiracy

7:08 PM
I am a Gorkha and I am not a terrorist… Mamta Banerjee in her press conference today almost said that GJM is a terrorist outfit. Her evidences? She said she has intelligence report that underground outfits from North east are in contact with Bimal Gurung. Even some countries are helping Bimal Gurung. Suppose I say […]

We won’t accept compulsory imposition of Bengali language” – RB Rai (CPRM)

4:00 PM
LANGUAGE ISSUE: “We won’t accept compulsory imposition of Bengali language” – RB Rai Senior Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxist (CPRM) leader and former Member of Parliament RB Rai has come out strongly against the proposed implementation of Bengali as a compulsory languages to be taught in schools. Speaking to the press Mr RB Rai who […]

BJP Extends Support to GJM Agitation Against Making Bengali Language Mandatory

2:44 PM
LANGUAGE ISSUE: BJP Extends Support to GJM Agitation Against Making Bengali Language Mandatory All India General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party Shri. Kailash Vijayvargiya has spoken out against the Mamata governments proposal to make Bengali language compulsory in all the schools across Bengal. In turn he stated BJPs support to the ongoing agitation against […]
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