Raj Narayan Pradhan received the First Lain Singh Bangdel Smriti Puraskar awarded

8:18 AM
Darjeeling: Raj Narayan Pradhan has been awarded the first Lain Singh Bangdel Smriti Puraskar on the occasion of the late Bangdel’s 90th anniversary. First Lain Singh Bangdel Smriti Puraskat given to Raj Narayan Pradhan The Bangdel Foundation awarded the 79-year-old writer from Darjeeling a cash prize of Rs 5,100 in a ceremony organized on December […]

Sikkimese writer Yishey Doma invited to stay at Rashtrapati Bhavan

7:37 PM
Gangtok, Aug. 22: Sikkimese writer Yishey Doma has been invited to stay at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi for around three weeks in September under the “in-residence program” launched by the President. Sikkimese writer Yishey Doma Doma, 34, received the invitation yesterday afternoon through an e-mail. “I could not believe it. I am so happy […]

Adi Kawi Bhanubhakta’s Great Great Grand Son in Dooars

9:03 AM
From the pages of history and textbooks, and the statues strewn around Darjeeling and Dooars region, to be able to see Adi Kawi Bhanubhakta Acharya’s family in person. Adi Kawi Bhanubhakta’s Great Great Grand Son in Dooars The people from Bagrakot in Dooars claimed their piece of history when the Great Great Grand son (6th […]

Wordsmith – Prajwal Parajuly little interview with The Hindu about writing habits

10:22 AM
PRAJWAL PARAJULY WHEN: I usually can’t wake up before noon. The exception would be if I have stayed up all night and all morning; then I might even go to bed in the afternoon. I don’t write every day. Or every week. Or every month. I always know when I am about to get into […]

Dr. Kumar Pradhan – never filling void in Nepali Literary World

12:15 AM
An eminent literary figure, a writer, a scribe, philosopher, thinker, historian as well as editor of two reputed newsprints Dr. Kumar Pradhan (76) leaves behind his gracious work for heavenly abode on 20 December in Hospital at New Delhi. Few days back Dr. Pradhan suspected a small bulge in his abdomen, he went to New […]

Agam Singh Giri – अगम सिंह गिरी , 1928 – 1971

12:25 PM
Agam Singh Giri – अगम सिंह गिरी, a poet of distinction, is regarded as one who best represented the Indian Nepalese (Gorkha) people in Nepali literature. His five poetical collections are याद (Yaad) – Remembrance, आत्मा व्यथा (Atama Vyathaa) – Anguish, mine, आशु (Aashu) – Tears, जीवन गीत (Jivan Geet) – Life’s songs, युद्ध र् […]
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