Himalayan Florica to promote horticulture business in Darjeeling

Local businessman Niraj Chettri, who owns a large fruit business company named Himalayan Florica in the national capital, is now looking to initiate similar business ventures in his hometown of Darjeeling. Chettri, a resident of Lapchu in Darjeeling, will be opening a new outlet in Darjeeling in March that will sell regional agricultural and horticulture products under the brand name ‘Greengold’. He also has plans of expanding the business by opening similar outlets in Kurseong, Kalimpong, Mirik and Siliguri.

Himalayan Florica to promote horticulture business in Darjeeling
Himalayan Florica to promote horticulture business in Darjeeling

Shedding light on his business plans, Chettri said, “This is a completely commercial initiative. We will provide seedlings, materials for poly-houses and all other necessary materials required by farmers.”

Claiming the farmers will benefit immensely from the initiative, Chettri said, “We will pay farmers better prices for their produce than what they generally receive in the market. This will improve their financial standing besides multiplying total production.”

Chettri, who is into this business for more than two decades now, has also been able to expand his operations across international borders. His Himalayan Florica imports fruits and flowers from countries such as Holland, America and Italy and exports them to Qatar and other Middle-East countries besides selling them in several states within the country. Himalayan Florica is now among the major firms working in the field of agriculture and floriculture in the country.

Chettri said although he has been considering the promotion of his business in Darjeeling, the political volatility of the region had been preventing him from forging ahead. “This region has tremendous potential for floriculture, horticulture and agriculture. We, at least, want to promote two to four organic products of the region as brands of repute in the international market,” he remarked. (EOIC)


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