GJM-BJP tie-up monetary deal – TMC

“Gurung has betrayed Hills: TMC Party says GJM-BJP tie-up is the outcome of a huge monetary deal” .

GJM-BJP tie-up monetary deal - TMC
GJM-BJP tie-up monetary deal – TMC
With the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha ( GJM ) announcing their support to BJP national vice-president SS Ahluwalia as their candidate for the Darjeeling constituency, the Trinamool Congress has cried foul labeling the tieup as an outcome of a huge monetary deal.

“A monetary deal has taken place whereby the GJM have agreed to support BJP candidates in Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar. GJM president Bimal Gurung has betrayed the Hills and the masses yet again. The previous GJM-backed BJP candidate Jaswant Singh hardly raised any issues pertaining to Darjeeling in the Parliament. This time the public will not be fooled and this will be proved when Darjeeling goes to the polls on April 17,” said Trinamool Hills spokesperson Binny Sharma.

Trinamool’s candid at e Bhaichung Bhutia who had been tagged as a ‘political novice’ and ‘outsider’ said, “How can I be an outsider? During natural calamities when Darjeeling was hit by earthquake and cyclone Aila, I had sold my football jersey to raise money for the victims. Boys from Darjeeling play in my football club and even the coach of my United Sikkim Football Club is from here. I speak the same language and follow the same tradition and culture. Does that make me an outsider?”
Interestingly, GJM president Bimal Gurung who usually posts on a social networking site in English has suddenly switched over to Nepali. After announcing his support to Ahluwalia, Gur ung posted in Ne pali “Gorkhaland mudda dekhi Gojamumu ek inch pini hateko chaina. Yasailey rashtriya daal Bhajpalai yespali pini samarthan gareko ho. Vajpa matro yasto daal ho jo desh ma sa sano rajya gathan ko nimti imandar raheko cha.” (The GJM has not wavered even an inch from the Gorkhaland demand. This is the reason why we have extended our support to the BJP this time also. BJP is the only national party, which has remained sincere towards the creation of smaller states in India.)

Gurung’s post in Nepali went on to state that the GJM has decided to fulfill the only dream of the Gorkhas and Gorkhaland by supporting BJP. There are strong chances of the BJP forming the government at the Centre. If the BJP comes into power the 100-year old demand of the Gorkhas will be fulfilled. Gorkhaland will not fall prey to divisive communal politics. The solution to the Gorkha problem is Gorkhaland hence all Gorkhas residing throughout the country should vote for BJP.

“BJP cannot fool the people this time. They have to make clear their stand on Gorkhaland. They have been projecting themselves as champions of smaller states. They have supported Telangana and also support Vidarbha but they do not spell out clearly spell out their stand on Gorkhaland. The Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxist has a one-point agenda, which is Gorkhaland. The party will support any national party that supports Gorkhaland. But the support should not be sketchy and should be clear,” said Gobind Chettri, spokesperson of the CPRM.

During the 2009 Lok Sabha elections the BJP had craftily steered clear of mentioning the word Gorkhaland in an addendum in their election manifesto. They had instead written that the BJP party would, “sympathetically examine and appropriately consider the long pending demands of the Gorkhas.”

Source: Amitava Banerjee

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