Gorkhaland cartoon – Aiyeuni Maldaju

Aiyeuni Maldaju is the weekly production of cartoons based on political, social, historical and communal modern and historical subjects of Gorkhaland and gorkha community in India.This is a series of cartoons exclusively produced for Indian Gorkhas Site (www.indiangorkhas.in) if you ever post or reuse these cartoons on any other media other than indiangorkhas.in kindly dont forget to mention the source. “Maldaju” is a copyright character of the indiangorkhas.in website.

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Path to choose for Hill Leaders after election GORKHAS HELP BJP WINS IN DARJEELING, WHAT NEXT? From the tap of a hill leader Tune of Gorkhaland can fetch you vote Gorkhaland lok Sabha Election Modi, Ahluwalia and Mamta Cartoon Bhaichung Bhutia TMC candidate for Lok Sabha Election Cartoon Ghishing For Sixth Schedule Darjeeling Lok Sabha Election 2014 Gorkhaland - begging bowl for the leaders Cartoon on Darjeeling Lok Sabha Election - Laaaa Kamal bhaneko ta k phooliyo hau??!! Darjeeling Development Boards hindrance to Gorkhaland

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