Government apathy and neglect across Darjeeling hills continues

Rapid Action Force Occupy School – Children Forced to Study in the Open

A glaring example of government apathy and neglect can be seen across Darjeeling hills, but none more prominently than in how our future i.e. our children are being treated by the government.

Government apathy and neglect across Darjeeling hills continues
[Photo: Himalaya Darpan]

Since December 2013, Sunsari Primary School in Bijanbari Samesty has been occupied by the Rapid Action Force and even though the children are back in school, the force still occupies the school building. Because of which the children have been forced to study out in the open.

Despite numerous requests and petitions to the government agencies, including the Police department, Block Development Office, Education Office and so on, there has been no change in the status.

These children are our future and this is how our future is currently being treated. Please raise a voice against this apathy to:

Minister HRD Dr. M. Mangapati Pallam Raju Government of India Email : [email protected]
Phone: Phone : 91-11-23383936-/44

Minister Education Shri Bratya Basu, Government of West Bengal Email: [email protected]
Phone: (033) 23342256

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