Ourtake: With one realising mistake, people tend to forget. Bimal realising mistake is a right move at the right time.

Bimal Gurung seems to have finally begun to understand politics. By admitting that long bandhs were a mistake, he has opened doors for himself to get back the status he enjoyed in 2007 when he revolted against Subash Ghisingh and formed the GJM with a promise to achieve Gorkhaland.

Bimal Gurung addressing the crowd today in Darjeeling Public Meeting

At a time when the people of the hills had a divided opinion on Gurung who staged a flop show last August by calling a month long bandh demanding Gorkhaland, the gesture to admit his mistake could well swell some votes for his BJP candidate. The lack of political maturity had been exposed when Mamata Banerjee easily foiled Gurung’s last battle for Gorkhaland last August with strong administrative steps.

Gurung on Tuesday remarked to take the agitation or protest for Gorkhaland to the country capital instead of shutting down the hills. Gurung was right in every possible way to say that people suffered due to mistakes. It must be added here that people suffered with no dividends and admitting the mistake is a sign of political maturity.

This election where every candidate has had various issues, the GJM it must be known has a single point agenda ‘Gorkhaland’. It was Subash Ghisingh, the GNLF chief who did wonders by demanding Gorkhaland and ruled for 20 years like a king. Though on the hindsight Ghisingh turned into a tryst.

It was Bimal Gurung who was doing wonders until he accepted the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA). This election many are supporting various candidates. The reason for this was only the lack of leadership maturity that Gurung had been showing to the people.

By realizing mistake and admitting in public, Mamata should be wary of now that Gurung is turning onto be a true leader. Whether his stance to support BJP is right or not does not matter but when one realises his mistakes people tend to forgive.

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