Chhatre Subba gave public speech to campaign for SS Ahluwalia after 25 years

Kalimpong : People cheered loudly when Chhatre Subba was called upon to address the rally. Wearing a felter hat with an axe (his trademark of late), Subba started with a soft tone; “It’s after 25-26 years that I am addressing the public, I am not sure how you will take my words. I have not forgotten Gorkhaland and want it anyhow. Gorkhaland cannot be achieved merely by merrymaking or by taking false oaths,” he said, a statement that has been interpreted as a veiled dig at Bimal Gurung. He stressed on the need to be serious about the issue and to pursue it with all sincerity.

Chhatre Subba and Bimal Gurung in Kalimpong campaign for S.S. Alhuwalia
Chhatre Subba and Bimal Gurung in Kalimpong campaign for S.S. Ahluwalia

Former GLO leader and firebrand leader Chhatre Subba, who has come to the forefront of politics again, today made a public speech almost after two and a half decades. Subba, who joined the BJP only recently, was speaking at a public rally held at Mela Ground here to campaign for SS Ahluwalia. He arrived at the venue when the function was halfway through, and was welcomed by GJM chief Bimal Gurung .

Subba said during his 11 years in prison, the state government had offered to release many times on condition he relinquish the statehood demand. But he preferred to remain behind bars rather than abandon his heartfelt aspiration.

Explaining his decision to join the BJP , Subba said, “I did not join the BJP without reason and the new generation should realise this. According to exit polls, it’s imminent that the BJP will come to power this time. If this happens, Ahluwalia, who will be representing Darjeeling, will speak for Gorkhaland in Parliament. This is why I have joined the BJP.”

Subba also appealed to GJM supporters to join the BJP, which came as an embarrassment to GJM leaders present on the dais.

Source: Eoi

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