Chhatre Subba gave public speech to campaign for SS Ahluwalia after 25 years

1:06 AM
Kalimpong : People cheered loudly when Chhatre Subba was called upon to address the rally. Wearing a felter hat with an axe (his trademark of late), Subba started with a soft tone; “It’s after 25-26 years that I am addressing the public, I am not sure how you will take my words. I have not […]

Smriti Giri, Chhatre Subba and Urgen Lama joins BJP

6:29 PM
Siliguri : Smriti Giri, Chhatre Subba, and Urgen Lama announced their allegiance to BJP in Siliguri on Saturday. BJP party secretary Asim Sarkar welcomed them in their party and expects the big difference in coming Loksabha elections of Darjeeling constituency. They are hopeful to form Government in Centre, who is in favour of smaller states and believes […]
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