Lama’s act of confidence

Our take: Confidence to win worthless, confidence to attain statehood makes sense

Top political leaders visited Darjeeling over the past couple of days. Narendra Modi, the BJP prime ministerial candidate urged voters to vote for change. Mamata Bannerjee, the Bengal chief minister spoke in Nepali to urge the voters. And here we saw the ‘Son of the soil’ (read Dr. Mahendra P.Lama) who declared himself a winner instead of urging the voters.

Dr. Mahendra P.Lama public meeting in Darjeeling
Dr. Mahendra P.Lama public meeting in Darjeeling

It makes us simply to say, being confident is a good gesture but over-confident will lead you down. A over confident message suckled out from his mouth in an election campaign rally could be a disaster for the economist. It must be realized at this hour that candidates in the poll fray are just beggars asking for votes.

The lack of clear political maturity is visible even before you are beginning to fight for demand. Bimal Gurung, the GJM chief a few years back lacked the same political maturity by saying, “People can shoot me in the forehead if i don’t bring Gorkhaland by 2010”. The year 2010 has gone cut past, it is now 2014 and we are yet looking for a true leadership to raise our voice in the parliament.

Dr. Mahendra P.Lama is acting in the same way as Bimal Gurung. It is every leadership’s quality to say before the polls that ‘I will raise the demand in the parliament’. People in the hills need to know the actual roadmap for achieving Gorkhaland. Your confidence to win is of little importance for the people. Your confidence to achieve statehood is of utmost importance.

The need of the hour in the hills is not that who will represent the people in the Lok Sabha. The need of the hour in the hills is unification which is in squat and shambles because of outer political forces slowly invading the hill political arena.

The unity is at stake and requires revamp. The hills are in need for a leadership who can first unite the hill people. Only then the demand for separate statehood would be taken forward.

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