When Leaders lack sincerity and acts confused

2:06 PM
Vivek Ghatani for Indian Gorkhas The day when Gorkhas scattered in India hankered for a homeland must have surely been a hapless day. Because if it takes more than 100 years to achieve statehood – infact still agitating for a dream homeland — then there is certainly lack of quality leadership and the leaders are […]

Time for BJP to deliver Gorkha sentiments

12:09 PM
Vivek Ghatani The other day I joked with my Bengali friends. I told them the Darjeeling parliamentary seat – considered prestigious both for Bimal Gurung and Mamata Bannerjee in West Bengal politics – being won with a huge margin by the BJP for the second consecutive time is equivalent to creation of Gorkhaland. I told […]

Now or never for the Gorkhas

8:24 PM
By Vivek Ghatani Politics is an art to analyse and go with the demand of the people. Ofcourse the Trinamool Congress friends up in the hills has mistakenly taken for granted that ‘development’ plank is the key to win elections. Unfortunately, not the hearts of the hill people which despite winds and storms are always […]


8:10 PM
The Gorkhas have been talking of guarding the country. They raised their heads high when the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi described them as “Brave Gorkhas” and “trusted more than the police” recently.  The two incidents of rape on a 3 year old and 4 year old both in the Kalimpong subdivision recently is […]


8:40 PM
Ourtake: With one realising mistake, people tend to forget. Bimal realising mistake is a right move at the right time. Bimal Gurung seems to have finally begun to understand politics. By admitting that long bandhs were a mistake, he has opened doors for himself to get back the status he enjoyed in 2007 when he […]

Lama’s act of confidence

9:39 PM
Our take: Confidence to win worthless, confidence to attain statehood makes sense Top political leaders visited Darjeeling over the past couple of days. Narendra Modi, the BJP prime ministerial candidate urged voters to vote for change. Mamata Bannerjee, the Bengal chief minister spoke in Nepali to urge the voters. And here we saw the ‘Son […]

NaMo praises Gorkha honesty, does not utter ‘Gorkhaland’

8:36 PM
“Give us five years and see what we do: NaMo to Voters” Pachkalguri (Siliguri), April 10: Narendra Modi (NaMo), the BJP prime ministerial candidate blustered the chief minister, alleged change of governance a fake one but praised the Gorkhas while he promised to fulfill the aspirations of the Gorkhas, Adivashis and Rajbonshis in his first […]


9:25 PM
“Ourtake: Justice should be in the form of Gorkhaland ” “April 9 is considered as the “Blackest Day” for all Gorkhaland supporters as it was in this day in 2008 that our ex servicemen were injured in a lathi charge by the police when conducting a peaceful rally for Gorkhaland. Till date now no proper […]

Blame game not priority, it is how much people can tolerate

9:57 PM
Political maturity is missing within Gorkha communities . How far the blame game goes is not the priority. At what length the people would be able  to tolerate makes the difference. The issue of separate statehood in the Darjeeling parliamentary seat has once again started to haunt the voters after it was given a quite […]

Double mouthing could foil things for BJP-GJM alliance – HIMALAYAN TALK

11:04 PM
Danger to Follow: King is back to find his place When it comes to general elections in the country, the Darjeeling parliamentary seat has always drawn attention in North Bengal. The area or constituency being a conglomerate of the plains and the hills, the voters divided over the demand of the Gorkhas vis-a-vis the Gorkhaland […]
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