“Ourtake: Justice should be in the form of Gorkhaland ”

“April 9 is considered as the “Blackest Day” for all Gorkhaland supporters as it was in this day in 2008 that our ex servicemen were injured in a lathi charge by the police when conducting a peaceful rally for Gorkhaland. Till date now no proper action has been taken by the government on this matter. The GJM demands a high level enquiry in this incident. I would appeal to all ex servicemen to vote for the BJP so that we are able to convince the coming BJP Government for a high level enquiry in this matter. Today our Bharatiya Gorkha Bhutpurwa Sainik Morcha is organizing a rally from Darjeeling More to Milan More”—Bimal Gurung on Facebook.

April 9th "Blackest Day" for all Gorkhaland
April 9th “Blackest Day” for all Gorkhaland

Gorkhas have been manning the border since India procured independence. The ex-servicemen who were charged up by the police on this very day, April 9 ofcourse was a sad day for the Gorkhas living in the country. Bimal Gurung has rightly demanded justice ahead of this poll season and rallied his ex-servicemen unit to the streets of Darjeeling.

Though the demand comes ahead of the polls, many might be making a guess that the ploy is to grab voters in a bid to make sure that the BJP wins and GJM serves its promises. In such sense, again the GJM is using sentiments to win the seat. The hills have been acting on sentiments since years and are still lacking to prepare a roadmap to achieve statehood.

Speaking on the justice to ex-servicemen on this very day the GJM is making a ploy to make people believe that ‘they’ are still sincere with the issue amidst doubts from the pro-Gorkhaland forces, those who are anti-GJM and not satisfied with the way GJM are handling things.

Results are a far story for the Darjeeling seat now because unlike in the past equation allows one to be unpredictable this time. But if S.S.Ahaluwalia wins the seat, the onus to deliver justice to these ex-servicemen lies with the BJP then. The GJM has a role to play definitely in the long run and the servicemen should not tolerate if the issue fades away after polls. The ex-servicemen unit of the GJM should be aware that April 9 incident cannot be used as just an issue to get votes. So the right justice for these ex-servicemen for their sacrifice should be nothing less than ‘Gorkhaland’.

Vivek Ghatani Editor Indian Gorkhas

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