GJM loses cadres to TMC in Soureni, draws from GNLF in Chalisae

Just ahead of the 16th LS election, the Soureni branch of the GJM has received a heavy blow with central committee member Sandip Pradhan joining the TMC. Pradhan, who was an active member since the inception of the GJM, said the Morcha is now concerned only about occupying posts. Pradhan had also served as the Soureni branch convener of the GJM during the party’s infancy. But he said he opted to join the TMC as the “GJM sacrificed the statehood agenda and settled for the GTA”.

GJM loses cadres to TMC, draws from GNLF
Soureni branch GJM

Registering his unhappiness with the GJM, Pradhan said the party only chanted slogans demanding Gorkhaland. He said if development is the main agenda, then joining the TMC is a much better option as the ruling party can deliver much more while maintaining peace across the hills.

Pradhan said the GJM leadership has turned greedy and that he had resigned from the party’s general membership as early as January 12. Meanwhile, former branch committee spokesperson Rosahn Baraily too moved into the TMC bandwagon.

In the meantime, Manbahadur Subba, known as a hardcore GNLF supporter, joined the GJM today. Subba, resident of Namsu Chalisae, was once also the president of the regional committee of the GNLF. He was inducted into the GJM by GTA sabhashad Arun Ghising in the presence of Namsu Chalisae unit president Aasman Rai and secretary Dhan Prasad Subba. Clarifying his reasons of switching party affiliation, Subba said he quit the GNLF for the cause of the community’s esteem and identity, which can be safeguarded only if statehood is attained.


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