Blame game not priority, it is how much people can tolerate

Political maturity is missing within Gorkha communities .

How far the blame game goes is not the priority. At what length the people would be able  to tolerate makes the difference. The issue of separate statehood in the Darjeeling parliamentary seat has once again started to haunt the voters after it was given a quite burial with a strong administrative whip enforced by Mamata Banerjee led West Bengal government.

Political maturity is missing within Gorkha communities
Bimal Gurung GJM Chief

Yes after all it is the people, who have to make a difference between the four ships in the ocean, make a call for the right person to lead them to their destination.

The issue might be ‘ Gorkhaland ’ this polls in the politically acclimatized Darjeeling hills, but the bigger one unfortunately is to win in a bid to keep its political existence and dominate the field for it to be the only choice for the people. Truth is always bitter and that comes to tell us that ‘Gorkhaland’ has become only a promise to make from all ends while the entire episode of campaigning has become a mere blame game.

Political maturity is falling short for the Gorkha community. When GJM attended the Trinamool Congress brigade rally recently, most had to say that the GJM was anti-Gorkhaland. Now the GJM alleges that the GNLF is anti Gorkhaland for it giving support to the Trinamool. The politics in reality is not ‘who ought to be what’. Gorkhaland does not even require politics.

The leaders fighting for a single seat in the hills are fighting it like as if they are on the verge of forming the government. The seat ‘sympathetically’ should be won for taking the voices of the Indian Gorkhas to the parliament and find other friends there to support the creation of Gorkhaland.

The BJP though may form the government but may have its own political compulsion. The fact cannot be forgotten that a single majority is a tough task at the centre given the battle for power in National politics. It is the regional parties that could come in the way for anyone to form the government. The BJP would not mind to forge an alliance with the TMC and that can be a major threat any development on Gorkhaland.

Vivek Ghatani Editor Indian Gorkhas

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