When Leaders lack sincerity and acts confused

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The day when Gorkhas scattered in India hankered for a homeland must have surely been a hapless day. Because if it takes more than 100 years to achieve statehood – infact still agitating for a dream homeland — then there is certainly lack of quality leadership and the leaders are either acting confused or muddled.

Subash Ghishing and Bimal Gurung when Leaders lack sincerity and acts confused
Subash Ghishing and Bimal Gurung when Leaders lack sincerity and acts confused

So when leaders are confused or muddled, they happen to be in a centre of hullabaloo somewhat like a clown in a circus adored and laughed at, ultimately forgotten after the show.  For a clown performing trick allows him to earn bread. Once he under-performs, you can read he is in the last day of his career.

The consequence therefore is crammed at one place prowling to find a way out but with no major triumph. Unfortunately, the Madan Tamang murder case is serving not just as good a trick for Calcutta but a curse for the Gorkhas scattered in India; leave alone the godly leadership which is no less than a clown.

In India where you get zero unless you ask for it, making even the slightest mistake can leave you deserted. The Gorkha homeland issue has got profuse slip-ups right from when the agitation began in the late eighties. The leaders, who were given charge by the mass, have no less been a clown in the circus. They earned and then perished leaving things where they were. In other words, they are short of tricks to woe people or their stock of tricks is on the verge of expiration.

When it comes to homeland issue in the hills of Darjeeling people are sober, leaders inopportunely jumble them. When they agitated in late eighties, they were forced to accept an autonomous body. When they agitated in 2007-2011, they were again forced a similar body as earlier.  The blame is not to be bestowed upon Delhi or Calcutta. It is only that the tricks are not working. The trick tactlessly is of paramount significance to a leader not for the spectators.

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