Gorkha Woman Stalked And Threatened in NCR Gurgaon

Gorkha Woman Stalked And Threatened in NCR Gurgaon, “Tera Chehra Bigad Dunga, Tujhe Tere Chehre Pe Bahut Ghamand Hai”

The first hearing of a recent appalling case in Gurgaon where a Gorkha woman in her 20s was assaulted and threatened by a local took place in the District Sessions Court in Gurgaon. Post today’s hearing, the bail plea of the accused has been deferred for two days. The victim who works in the retail sector further claims that the man has been stalking her for the past year and in the attack on May 30, he even threatened to ‘disfigure her face’ raising much alarm about a possible acid attack.

Gorkha Woman Stalked And Threatened in NCR Gurgaon
Gorkha Woman Stalked And Threatened in NCR Gurgaon

The victim narrated her ordeal to our correspondent, “I work in retail and I was placed at my company’s branch in Galleria market. I would often find this man staring at me from outside. Soon he started visiting our store and trying to converse with me. The way he used to talk to me seemed dangerous and I used to get scared. When I was shifted to our store in Ambience Mall, he followed me there as well. I realized he was spying on me when for a day I was shifted to another department and he came there as well. He used to come wherever I used to be.”

One day the victim confronted the accused who has been identified as Shailender Sheik Chauhan to which he responded aggressively and abused her. The store manager and the victim’s colleagues diffused the situation. The next day, her company seniors confronted the accused and Chauhan apologized and said he would not come back.

“He mentioned in the argument he had with me about my mother, my elder sister. He knew where I stayed. He was spying on me for sure,” stated the victim.

However, Chauhan came back again suddenly after 25 days and assaulted the victim. On May 30 when she was trying to catch an auto from her work place, he slapped her and even when she tried to run away while asking for help; he caught up with her and assaulted her again. All through this ordeal he kept abusing her, threatening her saying he will disfigure her face.

But the victim’s ordeal continued even when she tried to file an FIR in this matter. She exudes vulnerability as she laments, “The authorities are not taking it seriously. I went to file the FIR the very same day but the police was reluctant to file it. I was told to write about the incident that happened that day. So I wrote about the incident but I didn’t mention in writing that the person had been stalking me for one year as per the instruction given by the police. Now the accused has come to avail bail and the lawyers are saying the FIR is weak. I kept mentioning about the stalking but no one took it seriously.”

Sangeeta Pradhan, General Secretary, Gorkha Youth and Students’ Association of India – GYASA especially stressed on how stalking under IPC 354 D must be included in the FIR. She also said that bail must not be given to the accused as he still presents a major threat.

“When the accused first applied for bail we were present and we saw how aggressive he was. He was abusing the witness. So security for the witness and the victim is necessary. If that is not done, we will not allow the accused to be let out on bail. We will sit in protest especially as the guy has already threatened to disfigure her face saying “Tera chehra bigad dunga, tujhe tere chehre pe bahut ghamand hai (I will disfigure your face, you are very vain about your beauty).” If that girl hadn’t helped her out, we don’t know what he would have done to her. We want justice in this case,” apprised Pradhan.

Source -ESM

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