Indo-Nepal poets’ meet in Kalimpong

Kalimpong- The Devkota-Lusun Prajgya Pratisthan today held the Indo-Nepal poets meet at Shyama Devi Hall in Kalimpong. A total of 14 poets from Nepal along with a number Indian Nepali poets recited their poems during the meet. Pratisthan president Ninu Chapagai welcomed the poets from Nepal, including Krishna Prasai, Mahesg Poudyal, Bhupin Hem Prabhash Rawat, Seema Aabahas, Jyoti Jungle, Pratik Dhakal, Hemendra Biswas, Hemant Yatri and Harigobind Luitel.

Dr. HB Chettri at the Indo-Nepal poets' meet in Kalimpong on Saturday.
Dr. HB Chettri at the Indo-Nepal poets’ meet in
Kalimpong on Saturday.

Kalimpong MLA Dr. HB Chettri was also present in the meet today. Having kept his writing passion on the shelves due to his political commitment, Dr. Chettri said he has returned back to writing. “It is important to conduct such interactive programme between writers from India and Bhutan and I hope to attend more such programmes in the future,” he added. Dr. Chettri also recited one of his poems.

Chapagai said only the poets who are true to themselves will become immortal through their writing. “A real poet is a real human being and only he has true dreams. It is the responsibility of every poet to keep the passion alive and help the upliftment of Nepali literature,” he stated. He observed poets from both the countries write in the same language and the expressions are similar. Therefore more programmes like these between the countries should be given priority and said his organisation has always shown such commitments and continue in the future.

Source: EOI

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