Not many know that the Indreni Pul (Indreni Bridge) over Sumendu Lake (Mirik lake) was named after the great Indian Gorkha freedom fighter Indreni Thapa.


Saheed Indreni Thapa and Saheed Sabitri Thapa were teenagers when they joined the ‘Bal Sena’ or ‘Janbaz Dal’of the Indian National Army led by Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. One of the main functions of the “Janbaz Dal” was akin to modem day suicide squads or human bombs.

Indreni Thapa and Sabitri Thapa, the two Gorkha teenagers of ‘Janbaz Dal’ attained martyrdom by blowing up British tanks. They did this by virtually making themselves human bombs by strapping mines on their bodies and crawling under the British tanks camouflaged as bushes, and blowing up the British tanks.

Reportedly Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was the eye-witness to this act of supreme sacrifice by our brave hearts.

The bridge over Mirik lake was thus named “Indreni Bridge” in honour of the brave heart teenager Indreni Thapa who sacrificed her present for our future.

Sadly as the picture shows, that bridge is in dire need of maintenance.

Is this how we celebrate our Freedom Fighters? by not taking care of the monuments erected to honour them?

Moreover the entire local economy of Mirik is based on the tourists who come to see the lake and enjoy the serenity of the place. Sadly there are only 7 boats plying in Mirik lake which makes it very difficult for the tourists to get a ride during peak season, and also locals are loosing earning opportunity because of the same.

The less we say about the Glass House by the lake the better it is, you can see for yourself the condition of dis-repair the building is in. An aquarium which was supposed to have been built in early 2000s is still incomplete and has gone on to become a place for drug addicts and junkies to hang out.

Even though GTA Fisheries Department had put up completion of Mirik Aquarium as its priority area for this year, but visibly no action has been taken to repair the building or complete it.

Will the GTA Tourism or WB Tourism step up and take care of the facilities in and around Mirik?

We hope Bimal Gurung Official and Mamata Banerjee will immediately look into this issue and do the needful . ” – DC

Source: Darjeeling Chronicle

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