Pratiman Singh Lama ‘A Jewel of the Himalayas’

10:50 AM
Some great people with extraordinary mind and characteristics have walked the face of the earth since time immemorial. Many of them became divine masters, legends and heroes and their stories have been told and listened incalculable number of times primarily because people did not forget them, neither did their nation nor the era. Even after […]

Whom Shall We Remember Today?

Writes – Jyoti Thapa Mani “A nation’s culture resides in the heart and soul of its people” -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 1869-1948 For the last two years, I have been penning Independence Day articles for TheDC, hailing heroes and heroines from the Indian Gorkha community who fought for India’s freedom.  This year I feel a vacuum. […]

126th Saheed Diwas of Subedar Niranjan Singh Chhetri observed

Assam -126th Saheed Diwas in commemoration of martyr Subedar Niranjan Singh Chhetri was observed at Mani Kumar Subba Bhawan. SUBEDAR NIRANJAN SINGH CHETTRI – 1st GORKHALI FREEDOM FIGHTER TO DIE FOR INDIA. Subedar Niranjan Singh Chettri led the contingent of Native Gorkhali soldiers for revolutionary Manipuri hero Jubraj Tekendrajit Singh. When East India Company was […]

Master Mitrasen Thapa (1895 -1946) Gorkha in Indian and Nepal postal stamps

Master Mitrasen Thapa Magar (1895 -1946)  (Nepali/नेपाली: मित्रसेन थापा मगर (१८१५ – १९४६)) Indian Gorkha folk singer, lyrics writer, dramatist, social worker and a Freedom Fighter who took part in World War-I Master Mitrasen Thapa was born on the 29th December 1895 in Village Totarani, Bhagsu /Dharamshala. He was called master because in those days, the […]

AMGSU paid homage to Niranjan Singh Chettri on 125th Shaheed Diwas

Manipur 8th June 125th Shaheed Diwas of 1st Gorkha Martyr Shaheed Subedaar Niranjan Singh Chettri was observed by All Manipur Gorkha Students Union today . Subedar Niranjan Singh Chettri was 1st Gorkha to achieve martydom when he was hung to death by the British on the charges of revolting against them along with Jubraj Tikendrajit Singh on […]

Dalbir Singh Lohar unsung Indian Gorkha freedom fighter from Assam

Writes Sanjog Chamling Dalbir Singh Lohar ( Nepali दलबिर सिंह लोहार ) , unsung Indian  Gorkha freedom fighter, was a prominent political leader of Indian Freedom Movement from Assam. He was the first Indian Gorkha to win assembly election. Shri Dalbir Singh Lohar was a popular labour leader who closely worked with the Indian National Trade Union […]

Chhabilal Upadhyaya (Nepali:छबिलाल उपाध्याय) Indian Gorkha freedom fighter

8:00 PM
Indian Gorkha freedom fighter Chhabilal Upadhyaya (Nepali:छबिलाल उपाध्याय), popularly known as Chhabilal Babu was a prominent leader of the Indian Freedom Movement from Assam. He was the first president of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee.He presided the historic meeting of the Assam Association held at Jorhat on 18 April 1921 which decided to convert itself […]

Gorkhas So far…: No Land’s Wo/men in India (Part-III)

8:11 AM
Writes Tikendra Kumar Chhetry Department of Peace and Conflict Studies Sikkim University “I believe slogans like Bharat ki barbaadi or Gorkhaland should be treated as an attack on the integrity of India. I can’t say whether its sedition or not but its definitely an attack on India and steps should be taken to curb it.” […]

Low turnout at Ari Bahadur Gurung’s felicitation by GTA

12:53 PM
Writes Vivek Chhetri Darjeeling, Nov. 26: A GTA event to posthumously honour Ari Bahadur Gurung , who had represented the Gorkhas in the Constituent Assembly, turned out to be a damp squib today with many members of the GTA Sabha and officials of the hill body keeping away. A GTA Sabha member who didn’t want […]

Dimapur Gorkhas organize blood donation camp at Dist hospital

10:17 AM
Dimapur, August 29: Dimapur Gorkha Union and Gorkha Students Union Dimapur in collaboration with Dimapur Municipal Council, Dimapur District Hospital and Dimul Private Limited today organized a blood donation campaign here in the premise of Dimapur District Hospital in commemoration of the 71st Martyr’s day of the ‘first Gorkha martyr’ Major Durga Malla. Dimapur Gorkha […]

Gorkhas observed ‘Balidaan Diwas’

9:05 AM
25th August was  observed as ‘Balidaan Diwas’ by the Indian Gorkhas across the country. Sikkim Gorkha Jagaran Sangh organised a day long ‘Balidaan Diwas’ of National Hero Martyr Saheed Durga Malla at Jorthang Panchasheel Bhawan today. Event was attended by many Army Ex-Servicemen who wholeheartedly donated blood to make event glorifying in name of Martyrdom. Despite […]

Saheed Subedar Niranjan Singh Chhetri

Today, 8th June , is a day important to all the Gorkhas. Shaheed Subedar Niranjan Singh Chhetri ( Nepali – शहीद निरञ्जनसिंह छेत्री) was hanged by the Colonial British on 8th June in the year 1891. He was the Subedar in the Native Force of Jubraj Tikendrajit. Subedar Niranjan Singh Chhetri is considered to be the […]

Trilochan Pokhrel first Gorkha freedom fighter from Sikkim

Trilochan Pokhrel (died 27-1-69) popularly known as ‘Gandhi Pokhrel’ was the first Gorkha freedom fighter from Sikkim who died in the Indian National freedom movement. Trilochan Pokhre Born in Tareythang Busty, Eastern Sikkim, Trilochan Pokhrel was highly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy which was based upon the fundamental of  principles of non violence. […]

Saheed Durga Malla Indian Gorkha Freedom fighter

A great Indian  Gorkha Freedom fighter Saheed Durga Malla was hanged to death by the British on 25th August 1944 for his patriotic activities. 25 August is observed all over the India by Gorkhas as BALIDAN DIWAS and we pay our homage to Saheed Durga Malla and several others who laid down their lives for securing freedom […]

Gorkha Public Panchayat (GUP) to observe Balidan Diwas

Gorkha Public Panchayat (GUP), Kohima, in association with all Gorkha NGOs, has proposed to organise Balidan Diwas in memory of Veer Saheed Maj. Durga Malla and Veer Saheed Capt. Neikezhakuo Kenguruse including other martyrs at Gorkha Public Panchayat Hall, opposite Government Printing Press, Chandmari, Kohima, on August 25 at 4:30 p.m. Principal secretary to the […]

Yet another Statue of Gorkha Shaheed Major Durga Malla in Assam

Assam : Yet another Statue of Shaheed Major Durga Malla was unveiled on 1st July 2014 at Umrangsao, Dima Hasao district in the state of Assam by Shri Debhojeet Thaosen, Chief Executive Member of the N. C. Hill Autonomous Council at a function organised by Dima Hasau Unit of the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh. Shri Sukhman […]


Not many know that the Indreni Pul (Indreni Bridge) over Sumendu Lake (Mirik lake) was named after the great Indian Gorkha freedom fighter Indreni Thapa. MIRIK IN DISREPAIR Saheed Indreni Thapa and Saheed Sabitri Thapa were teenagers when they joined the ‘Bal Sena’ or ‘Janbaz Dal’of the Indian National Army led by Netaji Subash Chandra […]

Unsung Gorkha Freedom Fighters of India

Following are the list of some of the notable Gorkhas who fought against the British Rule in the freedom movement of India. These Unsung Freedom Fighters were all ready to give their lives and also to take one for the motherland that is India. The first Gorkha martyr in the freedom movement of India dates back […]
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