Trilochan Pokhrel first Gorkha freedom fighter from Sikkim

Trilochan Pokhrel (died 27-1-69) popularly known as ‘Gandhi Pokhrel’ was the first Gorkha freedom fighter from Sikkim who died in the Indian National freedom movement.

Trilochan Pokhre
Trilochan Pokhre

Born in Tareythang Busty, Eastern Sikkim, Trilochan Pokhrel was highly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy which was based upon the fundamental of  principles of non violence.
He played a vital role  in propagating the concept of Swadeshi Movement of Mahatma Gandhi among the Sikkimese peasantry.

Inspired by Gandhi Ji he too wore cotton Dhoti, with a pair of Khadau (an Indian slipper made up of wood), thus the name Gandhi Pokhrel came into existence and later became popular among the people.

According to his contemporaries he stayed with Gandhiji at Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat and Sarvodaya Ashram in Bihar. During his stay with Mahatma Gandhi, he used to spin the Charkha, rendered his service for the Ashrams and assisted the Mahatma in his daily affairs. Late Trilochan Pokhrel had an immense faith in the teachings of simple life by Mahatma Gandhi.

We still have a place called  Pokhrel Bari (Land of Pokhrel) in his village in Sikkim, however, it is known that his family members were migrated to Assam long time back.

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