All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) serves 3-day ultimatum for indiscriminate firing

All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) has served a three-day ultimatum on state authorities to book the culprits who were responsible for the alleged “indiscriminate firing” from across the border that killed three villagers.

All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU)
All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU)

AAGSU Thursday said if the authorities failed to do so, it would along with other community organizations impose an indefinite economic blockade against Nagaland.
AAGSU has also appealed Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju to visit Nagaland-Assam border areas and resolve all outstanding disputes under his ministry’s guidelines once and for all.
In a press release, AAGSU Golaghat district committee condemned what it called “indiscriminate firing from across the border” that killed three villagers and injured several others by suspected miscreants.
The decision was taken after protests organized by several organizations including AAGSU against the failure of authorities to trace two teenagers who were reportedly kidnapped by “suspected NSCN militants” for ransom along the Assam-Nagaland border, Ghulapani-Uriamghat, Golaghat district said AAGSU Golaghat district committee president Prem Newar.
The student body informed that it had submitted several memorandums to appropriate authorities seeking intervention in settling the inter-state border disputes with Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Meghalaya besides seeking security for reserve forests dwellers.
AAGSU senior leader Nanda Kirati Dewan also criticized Assam government for failing to provide security in places like Charaipung, Sonari, Titabor, Naojan, Ghualapani, Langpih, Chawaldhuwa and Merapani.
The student union said it also took part in an economic blockade against Nagaland in Rangajan along with eight student and youth organizations.
Over 500 vehicles have been stranded due to the blockade at Bokajan, Rangajan and Titabor, said AAGSU and further added that the blockade was likely be continued unless ex-gratia payment was given to the next of kin of the deceased.
AAGSU Golaghat unit general secretary Moni Kumar Limboo also informed that 70 houses were torched triggering an exodus of people from five affected villages – Chetiagaon, Ratanpur, Romanbasti, Chainpur and Kemphur.
Eight relief camps have been opened in Uriamghat to provide shelter to at least ten thousand affected villagers.
He said “Naga miscreants” have already torched houses in 14 villages. Another 40 villages are in threat now. AAGSU’s protests along with all other affected community organizations would continue to organize protest as long as the Assam government did  not deploy sufficient security personnel in the affected areas to protect the lives and properties of the people, he said.
Sonari AAGSU president Prem Tamang too condemned the incident from Assam’s Sivasagar district and threatened both Assam and Nagaland governments of dire democratic consequences if the demands were not met within stipulated time. A complete indefinite economic blockade against Nagaland would be observed across Assam if the demands were not met and ensure justice within three days, he asserted.
Tension continues in Ralan area; village set on fire: RALH
Staff Reporter

DIMAPUR, AUG 14 (NPN): Despite the prohibitory orders under section 144 CrPC being clamped in Ralan area (Nagaland-Assam border), tension continued to prevail on Thursday. At around, 10 a.m., one Lotha Naga village – Wochan, was completely set on fire by an Adivasi mob.
Ralan Area Lotha Hoho (RALH) members also claimed that some villagers were reported missing from the area. RALH information and publicity secretary Er. K.L. Moyo told Nagaland Post that a state government employee and his wife managed to escape from the clutches of an Adivasi mob numbering around 300 near at Ronsuyan and Chandalashung ‘B’ on Thursday evening when they tried to attack the couple.
RALH has also urged the state government to immediately provide security along with compensation and appealed for a probe into the incident at the earliest. The hoho said that it has resolved not to allow any re-settlement of Adivasis whose houses were torched in Ralan area.
RALH further urged the state government to deploy permanent security forces in the area and asked the Assam government to remove armed Assam Police from the Disturbed Area Belt (DAB).
On the imposition of 144 CrPC in the area, the hoho demanded that the CrPC should be effective in the entire DAB under Ralan area till Uriamghat.
RALH stated that CrPC was imposed only in Lotha Naga area – Tongtongo (Old Ralan) junction to Governor’s camp.
RALH made it clear that the present situation was the fallout of the continuous provocation and frequent attacks on the Lothas by Advasis who were the tenants in the area backed by Maoist AANLA, an Adivasi outfit.
The hoho reiterated that the present crisis should be understood as a “retaliatory action” and not otherwise. “The present situation is the making/creation of the Adivasis (tenants) masterminded by Maoist-AANLA and is not a border issue”, said RALH.
The hoho further reminded that if the matter was not resolved at the present juncture, the entre border area would become another safe haven for the Maoists.
Meanwhile, RALH has also thanked the 155 CRPF for maintaining neutrality and the state government for timely intervention and deployment of adequate security forces.
Tenants trying to grab land by force: NTC
Reacting to the prevailing tension in Ralan Area, Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) Thursday said that the issue in the area was an issue of tenants and the landlords. NTC said what provoked the landowners was that the Adivasi who were temporary tenants “refused to pay tax” to the landlords and alleged that they were trying to grab land by force.
In a press release, NTC media cell chairman Theja Therieh and member secretary S Rotokha condemned the actions of the illegal migrant Advasis who attacked the Naga Villages at Ralan area without any provocation.
The council said their “ulterior motives” that has drawn the attention both Assam and Nagaland governments.
While stating that Nagas respected the age old Naga-Ahom relationship, NTC said it was important to maintain cordial relationship at all times.
NTC pointed out that the Adivasis were neither the original citizens of Assam nor Nagaland and were “illegal migrants” in both states “whose nationalities” were questionable and were aggressively trying to dominate the area as citizens of Assam fueling border tension.
The present situation erupted due to unruly illegal migrant Adivasis who “organized themselves in to gangs and attacked” Ronsüyan and Chandalashong ‘B’ village firing guns and burning houses without any provocation.
NTC also expressed dismay with the approach of Assam government for encouraging the illegal migrants (Advasis/Bangaladeshis) in Nagaland-Assam border creating constant problems between the two neighbouring states hampering the age-old relationship.
The council said both the state governments should ensure that the Nagas who occupied their own original fields were not disturbed.
Since there could not be any state without territory, NTC said Nagaland government should take steps to protect our historical boundaries.
It was “disheartening” to observe that Nagaland government was complacent when the recognized Naga villages in Dimapur area were constantly disturbed by miscreants and Assam police personals, said NTC.
As per the latest statement of Nagaland home minister, the state government has well grasped the Ralang situation, said NTC. The council urged the state government to leave no stone unturned to legally defend “ancestral land from such illegal encroachment.”

Source: Nagaland Post

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