Shaurya Chakra Rifleman Prem Bahadur Koka Magar 2/4 Gorkha Rifles

On 09 May 2014, Rifleman Prem Bahadur Roka Magar, 2/4 GR was entrusted with the task of guarding one of the likely infiltration routes of the terrorist detected through HHTI dets located at kalas OP.


At 0230 hours on 10 May 2014 contact was established with the terrorists and fire fight ensued. As the terrorist scattered, one terrorist moved close to his ambush party. During the fire fight, Rifleman Prem thinking the terrorist as his buddy called for him. The terrorist did not respond and slowly turned his weapon towards him, Rifleman Prem realising his error of judgement caught the muzzle of the terrorist’s weapon as the terrorist opened fired and emptied his magazine. A hand to hand combat ensued between the two, and Rifleman Prem then punched the terrorist on his face and pushed him to the Nalla. During this unarmed combat, Rifleman Prem had dropped his weapon. Realizing that the terrorist might escape, with complete disregard to personal safety and using presence of mind, the NCO threw a grenade on to the fleeing terrorist which injured his leg. The grenade splinter immobilized the terrorist which prevented him from escaping across the Line of Control and facilitated his elimination subsequently.

For displaying the highest level of determination, presence of mind and raw physical courage during hand to hand combat with the terrorist and for critically injuring the terrorist which facilitated his neutralisation, Rifleman Prem Bahadur Koka Magar has been awarded India’s third highest Gallantry Award in peace time “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.

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