Gorkha boys wins football match with Santhal students at Visva Bharati, Shantiniketan

Amidst Chorus of “Jai Gorkha” – Gorkha Boys Win Handsomely at Shantiniketan

Writes: Bicky Sharma
There is a certain festivity about football which compels the hidden extrovert in all of us to be exposed. I have been on campus here for a week now, and all the people I had met seemed docile, quiet, gentle and bolda pani suttukai bolne… that was till yesterday.
Gorkha Boys football tead that Won Handsomely at Shantiniketan
Gorkha Boys football tead that Won Handsomely at Shantiniketan
The occasion was a football match between Gorkha vs. Santhal students at Visva Bharati, Shantiniketan. The match was organized by the University Sports Board.
The Santhalis are well known locally for their power and speed and are regarded as one of the best teams around. So when the seniors asked us to come cheer for the Gorkha Boys we all did go, but we were worried how they would perform.
That is when I got to see the hidden-Extroverts in all of our Gorkhali students, both Male and Female…
The game was a tough match-up from the word go, and that is what released the inner beast in all of us – shouts of “tyeslai landaunu naa dey”…. “khuttama de.. tyesko khutta ma dey”… started to be heard all through the match…
As the referee blew the half time whistle our guys had already scored 2 goals, each goal followed by loud cheers and screams of all our guys and girls following the game. There was a definite sense of enthusiasm and camaraderie amongst the students present to cheer OUR team… it was also a good opportunity for a new student like me to interact with everyone present.
The game started again, the Santhali students played their hearts out, but our players were better, more confident and also with all the cheer-up coming from the audience they were also more determined and buoyed.
At one point the Santhai team got a penalty… all of us became tensed, but we need not have worried, Hamro Keeper was really Chumbak Jasto… as the young goal keeper saved the penalty, it brought everyone to their feet… cheering… shouting… yelling…
When the referee blew the final whistle the Gorkha boys had won handsomely at 4 : 0…. I really felt proud at the moment when cries of JAI GORKHA… JAI GORKHA… began to reverberate in and around the ground.
Everyone is aware of the love for football we all share, what makes it more special, is the unity desplayed by our folks this far away from home.
It clearly depicts the unity and bonding that we all have, no matter where we are. The bonhomie is a blissful and blessed sight and we hope that the brotherhood like this spreads throughout Gorkhas in India.
Congratulations to the team… and Three Cheers for the Gorkhas of Viswa Bharati University!!
Hip Hip…. Hurrah!!
Source : TheDC

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