Why Separate State for the Gorkhas Is A Necessity

Writes: Sachin Rai

Finally I am compelled to write something about the need for creating a state for the Gorkhalis within India, and the name may be given Gorkhaland or any other name, but whatever the name be that should clearly show that Nepali speaking people live in that Indian state.

Like every Gorkhali, I felt that the creation of a new state was necessary when I was in college but the reason behind why I wanted a state of our own was different, than, why I want it now.

At that time I wanted the creation of new state because of the emotional attachment (purkha le magheko vanera) to the cause, and also to get rid of some rude and arrogant people from the Majority community in Siliguri who almost tortured us during our college days. I guess back then, I also wanted a new state for the employment of many educated unemployed youths, for the development and betterment of life. But those feelings were somewhere concentrated in a small area and now after visiting many places and staying in some big cities, my feelings have changed.

Yes… it is true. Now I strongly feel the need of creating a state for Nepali speaking Indians for the IDENTITY and ENLIGHTMENT to general public of India, that Nepali speaking people also live in India and that we are Indians too.

As I have already stated that I have visited many places in our country, India, and everywhere I get a poor response if I say my mother tongue is Nepali.

Now, people might argue that… I had met with some illiterate persons but wrong… even the well educated lots had similar reaction, though there were a few exceptions, but the moment I say that Nepali is my mother tongue, majority of the people ask me” Ohhhh are you from Nepal?” and then the whole session of having to explain – who I am, where I am from, and why Nepali is my mother tongue, yet I am an Indian.

Luckily of the course of time, I have met and discussions with them have lead them to support the needs creation of a new state for the Gorkhalis.

Now, let’s talk about, what’s happening in “Our Darjeeling”.

Whenever the demand for a state arises, the opposition parties becomes vocal and active, and we end up breaking into pieces ourselves. West Bengal’s CM says in a meeting “Bongo Bhongo Hobena”… and our fellow idiotic people celebrates with huge applause… Some tribes and groups of people fear that they will be betrayed and without a second thought they accept some “Council” or “Development Board,” which I think hasn’t really done much till date.

But this is my appeal to people of Darjeeling… what will you say when someday you will go for a visit out of Bengal? When someone asks you, what is your caste, language, community…..where are you from? Will you say, “I am from so and so council?” Never.

If some peoples from Darjeeling region hates the word Gorkha then it would be better that they won’t join Indian Army/ defense forces under the Gorkha reservation/relaxation. Breaking is not the solution. I don’t know if a new Nepali speaking state will be created or not, but I have come to realize that it is very much needed… and whenever we cross the Bengal border, others make us realize how acute an “IDENTITY CRISIS” we all suffer from.

I hope our leaders realize the need for unity and for sincerely pursuing the Gorkhaland statehood…

Because next time I don’t want anyone of our brothers and sisters to be asked – “when did you shift from Nepal to West Bengal” please.



Source : The Darjeeling Chronicle

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