GTA please speak against the entry of the Rohingas in the hills

(An open letter to the B.O.A , Gorkhaland Territorial Administration by Prashant Tamang )

Mr Binay Tamang (Chairman)
Mr Anit Thapa (Vice Chairman)
Mr Sanchabir Subba (Executive member)

This is to bring to your knowledge the entry of the Rohingas in the hills today which to us seems to be a part of a very futuristic political move by the Govt of West Bengal to over rule our own place by creating a different majority other than that of ours making it easy to paralyse our demand of a separate state and slowly bring an end to the demand of Gorkhaland forever . It is now your duty as that B.O.A of G.T.A to look forward to this serious issue and act likewise to the matter in favour and support of the betterment of the hills . The videos of the entry of the Rohingas now going viral in social media is strong enough to prove the above stated issue and the danger over our place and people.

If you all are compelled by any crimes of the past or any corruption of the past that still hold you all dumb to react to this serious issue than it would be best of you to resign from the B.O.A of the G.T.A so that making it clear for the people of the hills to speak out for Justice ourselves . Please don’t just keep your mind set to developments , contracts , contractors and other monetary issues because now your reign in the hills has slowly started to result in the collapse of the demand of the people of the hills that is Gorkhaland which must be crystal clear to you all but you still staying dumb to this serious issue seems to be your compulsion in some reason based upon you which is a direct hamper to our place and people.

We all have no choice but to hope for the best for our people and place from your side that is the B.O.A of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration so we request and expect you to urgently react to the matter in the best way possible for the betterment of the hills and the people living here.

On behalf of the people .

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